Doctor Strange 2 Teaser Finally Reveals Marvel’s Most Powerful Entity

Things just got out of hand…” said Sinister Doctor Strange to his other version of himself from the Multiverse. He was right. Doctor Strange 2 with its new teaser has opened a whole new realm of craziness and madness. Doctor Strange 2 has revealed Marvel’s most powerful entity, and here is a glimpse of the new teaser:

What is going on in the trailer?

The latest teaser of Doctor Strange 2 shows America Chavez swiftly passing through multiple realities. At one specific point, none other than the Living Tribunal appears in the background. This is more than enough to convince the fans that this Marvel Comic character, which was teased in the mini-series Loki will make his debut in the Raimi-directed movie.

Who is this Powerful Entity in Doctor Strange 2?

The Living Tribunal, MCU Comics
The Living Tribunal, MCU Comics

The recent teaser has driven the fans crazy as it turns out that the Living Tribunal would be a part of Doctor Strange 2. The Living Tribunal was supposed to be a part of Avengers: Infinity War, appearing after the first confrontation of Dr. Strange with Thanos. However, that was scrapped.

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According to the comics, The Living Tribunal was a body that safeguarded and protected the Multiverse. It acted as a force of balance and ensured that no one universe overpowers the other. The entity was present in every universe simultaneously, which means that The Living Tribunal had no variants.

The Loki Connection

Loki's Easter Egg on The Living Tribunal
Loki’s Easter Egg on The Living Tribunal

The first season of Loki expanded on the concept of the Multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before Doctor Strange 2. The series not only gave a foundation to fans about how the Multiverse worked but dropped Easter Eggs about The Living Tribunal.

Though the Easter Eggs of The Living Tribunal weren’t clear enough as it was briefly seen in Loki. It is unknown whether the ruins of the multi-faced statue were simply conduits for the Living Tribunal or the entity itself.

How Doctor Strange 2 Brings The Living Tribunal?

Doctor Strange 2
Doctor Strange 2

If it really was The Living Tribunal in the teaser, it would be interesting to see how prominent he will be in the movie, which already seems quite packed. Adding a character that powerful and important could be a gamble for the directors. Though it might be a cameo, there are chances that the Living Tribunal will appear in future projects of the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2 is set to hit the theaters worldwide on May 6, 2022