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Doctor Strange 2 Theory : Scarlet Witch Will Become An Agent of Chthon To Revive Her Children

Many theories are abound all over the internet for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This Doctor Strange 2 theory though hits it right out of the park. Fans are already theorizing that everything is not as it seems with Scarlet Witch. There are some hints that point to the fact that Wanda Maximoff may be about to go rogue and become a supervillain. We never knew why she would do that, simply thinking that Wanda has just decided to give in to temptation after suffering so many losses. But this Doctor Strange 2 theory gives us the most legit and plausible reason as to why the Scarlet Witch will become evil.

Doctor Strange 2 Theory – The Scarlet Witch May Already Be Evil Before The Movie Begins

The Darkhold Has Corrupted Wanda Permanently

As we all know, after WandaVision, Wanda managed to get hold of Agatha’s Darkhold. The Book of the Damned aka the darkhold is an ancient book of spells that contain powerful dark magic. Mastering it requires patience and dedication. It also requires sacrifice. The Darkhold does not just give freely. It also takes from you something of the same or even higher price. In Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, it is shown that the Darkhold has a very corrupting influence on the one who reads it. And to gain its power, many of the people who used it had to let go of their humanity.

Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness was once a part of a coven of respectable witches. It is more than likely that it was her obsession with dark magic that turned her against her own coven. By the time she had the Darkhold in her possession, she was already a super-villain. In Agents of SHIELD, Eli Morrow read the Darkhold and also became a villain. Wanda, who has been vociferously studying the dark arts of the Book of Sins, may already be corrupted by its power.

Wanda Is Being Lured Into A Trap By Chthon, Just Like Wenwu Was Corrupted By The Dweller-In-Darkness In Shang-Chi

Wenwu – Shang-Chi

In Shang-Chi, The Mandarin aka Wenwu was influenced by voices in his head. The Dweller-In-Darkness had been influencing him to do the unthinkable. Wenwu was told that if he broke the Dark Gate that imprisoned the Soul Eaters and the Dweller-In-Darkness, he could be reunited with his wife. despite how ridiculous it sounded, evan an immortal, seasoned warlord like Wenwu believed it.

Will Chthon Make His debut?

In the final scenes of WandaVision, Scarlet Witch listens to two specific voices and immediately goes on to answer their call. They are Billy and Tommy, the Maximoff Twins that died after Wanda pulled back teh Hex. Now that Wanda has been in possession of the Darkhold for so long, a book that is literally Chthon’s greatest creation, who’s to say those voices were not Chthon luring the Scarlet Witch into a trap.

Further Photo Leaks Prove Wanda Will Become An Evil Agent Of Chthon

Doctor Strange 2 Theory – Trailer Scene

Remember the dark smoke during the attack on Sanctum sanctorum scene in the trailer? In the test screening for the film, the smoke was not black but red. And the color is eerily similar to the color of Wanda’s chaos magic.

Test Screening Scene – Doctor Strange 2

In the comics, Wanda derives her power from Chthon, who lent a portion of his power to her when Wanda was born at Wundagore mountain. Maybe, just maybe, Chthon has possessed Wanda and thus bolstered her chaos magic, giving her the power she needs to defeat Doctor Strange.

Wanda Goes Full Evil

In exchange for that power, Wanda will attack the Sanctum Sanctorum and obtain the last piece of the puzzle that will help release Chthon into the Multiverse.

A Deranged Wanda Possessed By Chthon?

Chthon may have promised Wanda that he will help reunite her with her children if she does this. Maybe that’s why Doctor Strange is under arrest by the Illuminati. His actions may have made the Multiverse vulnerable to Chthon, a threat they had been containing from going out of control for so long.