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Doctor Strange 2 Theory Signals The Coming Of An Evil Elder God

Doctor Strange 2 Theory Signals The Coming Of An Evil Elder God

The latest tease of Doctor Strange 2 about Darkhold also hints at the coming of an evil Elder God. The Multiverse of Madness suggests a theory of bringing the most powerful forces into the MCU. The movie already has promised to bring a number of Marvel comics. One of them could be Chthon. He is one of the Elder Gods, an ancient race of deities. He is an evil villain who could mean doom to Earth. His revival has been in talks ever since WandaVision ended.

Doctor Strange 2 theory suggests Chthon’s revival

Doctor Strange 2 might have an evil Elder God
Doctor Strange 2 might have an evil Elder God

In Marvel comics, He is a cosmic tier villain with powers comparable to both demons and Gods. He is known as the most powerful Dark Magician in the Marvel universe. He is the creator of Darkhold, a magic text so powerful that it contains limitless dark magic. With his dark powers, he can do anything he pleases. Only to be stopped by some restrictions – that are the only thing holding him back to take over the multiverse.

Chthon could be the secret villain Doctor Strange 2
Chthon could be the secret villain in Doctor Strange 2

In the modern-day, Chthon has been imprisoned on Mount Wundagore, he has been there for centuries. Always attempting to find his way out. Despite being in a prison, he has fought against a number of Marvel heroes, including the Avengers and Doctor Strange over the years. Being the creator of Darkhold, it is believed he is connected to Scarlet Witch’s origin. Also, at the end of WandaVision, he could become a part of MCU is being speculated. He was also in the rumors of the secret villain of Doctor Strange 2.

WandaVision supports Chthon’s theory

WandaVision supports the Doctor Strange 2 theory
WandaVision supports the Doctor Strange 2 theory

In WandaVision, the concept of Chthon was introduced and it was hinted at his coming to the MCU. In comics, he had given Wanda a part of his chaos magic powers to use her as his vessel. It could be a possibility that it was what Agatha Harkness was trying to Wanda about. Also, the place where she was living at the end looked like Mount Wungadore. Plus, her studying the Darkhold could be proof that Chthon is near and wants to take a hold of her.

Though, these ideas suggest that Chthon is coming soon but if he’d be joining the villains in Multiverse of Madness is not sure yet. But if he does, it will cause some real chaos. As he has the Chaos Magic and that too the strongest one in MCU. The entire world of heroes needs to brace themselves if he is joining their world.

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