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Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Wanda-838 Married Illuminati Ultron

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness left a lot of questions for the fans to ponder upon. There were too many plot-holes, including the fate of Illuminati Ultron that Sam Raimi never addressed in Doctor Strange 2. One of them was why didn’t Scarlet Witch search for Vision in any of the other universes. Had she moved on from the death of the love of her life? When she finally managed to enter the Illuminati universe, she never did search for the Android Avenger. This Doctor Strange 2 theory tries to address that plot-hole. The reason why Scarlet Witch never searched for vision is pretty simple.

Vision didn’t exist in the Illuminati Universe. But Ultron did.

Wanda Of Earth-838 Leads A Happy Life With Her Children

Wanda Maximoff - Earth-838
Wanda Maximoff – Earth-838

For Billy and Tommy Maximoff to exist, no matter any universe, they must have the same parents. In the comic books, Wanda Maximoff was romantically involved with a lot of well-known heroes. From Hawkeye to Iron Man, Captain America, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and even Wonder Man, everyone has seen the romantic side of the Scarlet Witch in the comic books. But none of them qualify as potential candidates for being the father of Billy and Tommy. That honor goes to someone else that has been in the Illuminati’s service for very long but failed to catch everyone’s attention.

Illuminati Ultron – EXPLAINED

Illuminati Ultron - Earth-838
Illuminati Ultron – Earth-838

The Illuminati are a group of the smartest minds and greatest warriors coming together to defend their reality. Consisting of Reed Richards (John Krasinski), Black Bolt (Anson Mount), Captain Marvel (Lashana Lynch), Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell), and Master Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), the Illuminati have their work cut out for them. The entire universe depends on these great minds to work together and solve its problems. And they have the world’s most powerful Artificial Intelligence aiding them in their quest.

Avengers Age of Ultron MCU
Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Ultron A.I of the Illuminati universe is not a villain like it is in Earth-616. Instead of getting corrupted by the fallacies of human nature after being connected to the Internet, this Ultron program did what it was designed to do. It became Earth’s shield. But it did more than that. The Illuminati employed Ultron for safeguarding their facilities and performing all auxiliary functions. But to say the Ultron AI was just an artificial construct would be wrong. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner created a body made out of pure Vibranium for Ultron. While Ultron never managed to bag that body, that Vibranium shell became Vision.

Vision - Paul Bettany
Vision MCU

But since in Earth-838, the Illuminati Ultron program worked, there had to be a body that Reed Richards must have made for the AI to occupy. This Illuminati Ultron could be way more than just the Illuminati’s eyes and ears.

Ultron Of Earth-838 Marries Wanda Maximoff Of His Universe

Wanda Attacks Illuminati
Wanda Attacks Illuminati

Since the Ultron program in Earth-838 succeeded, there was no way Vision existed in this universe. And that explains why Wanda Maximoff of Earth-616 never searched for her one true love in Earth-838. Wanda Maximoff of the Illuminati Universe met Ultron instead and she fell in love with him. Since Ultron and Vision are basically the same guy but with a different mind, it would explain how Billy and Tommy Maximoff exist. Illuminati Ultron fathered them with Wanda.

Doctor Strange 2 - Why Vision Wasn't In It
Doctor Strange 2 – Why Vision Wasn’t In It

This Doctor Strange 2 Theory gives the perfect explanation for the case of the missing android avenger in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It’s not like Wanda wantonly neglected Vision in Earth-838. It was because of the existence of Illuminati Ultron. Vision never existed in Earth-838 and that’s why the Scarlet Witch never looked for him.

Elizabeth Olsen Subtly Confirms This Theory

Elizabeth Olsen Comments on Solo Scarlet Witch Movie
Elizabeth Olsen Comments on Vision’s absence in Doctor Strange 2

In an interview with Collider, Elizabeth Olsen opened up about who was Billy and Tommy Maximoff’s father in Earth-838. She tells Collider and we quote:

“In the version of the universe this woman wasn’t with Vision. We liked having that be a mystery. For some reason he’s not in her world. I always thought of her as more of a domestic Wanda. They got divorced. They’re separated. She’s not wearing a wedding band for a reason. Like those kinds of things. We liked the idea of her being on her own.”