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Doctor Strange 2 To Have “Horror Show Vibe”, Says Elizabeth Olsen

The Doctor Strange sequel titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness will be big for a lot of reasons. For starters, Doctor Strange 2 will open up the MCU to the idea of a Multiverse. The movie will be directed by none other than Sam Raimi, the legendary director that gave us the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy. To top it off, it will have not just one but two mainstream MCU actors. Both Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen will be in this movie.

There is little to no detail on the actual plot for Multiverse of Madness. Everything about Doctor Strange 2 is being kept under tight wraps. What we know so far is that previous MCU plot elements will play a heavy role in the Doctor Strange sequel. Time travel elements from Avengers: Endgame and Wanda’s transformation into Scarlet Witch are speculated to play into this movie.

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Baron Mordo and Xochitl Gomex are going to appear as Baron Mordo and America Chavez in Doctor Strange 2. As more and more information on the cast and crew of Doctor Strange 2 is revealed, some story details have leaked.

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Elizabeth Olsen On Doctor Strange 2

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Olsen sat down to discuss Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. What she revealed certainly gives us a lot to look forward to. Olsen claims the movie is bonkers and gives somewhat of a horror show vibe. These were her exact words:

“It’s a bonkers movie, they’re definitely going for that horror show vibe.”

Currently, Elizabeth Olsen is living in Richmond, London. She is living there along with her fiancé, the musician Robbie Arnett. There is a high probability that Olsen began working for Doctor Strange 2 during October when she moved to Richmond.

What Olsen’s Horror Show Vibe Comment Means For Doctor Strange 2?

Marvel Studios has started experimenting with its movies. Instead of following a formulaic approach, Marvel has decided to give the directors free reign. Sam Raimi is clearly in on the action. Raimi is a horror fanatic who gave us movies like Drag Me To Hell, Don’t Breathe, and The Grudge. Clearly he has been given some much needed creative leg room.

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We all have come to know quite a bit about the MCU since the last decade. What we can say is that Doctor Strange 2 will not necessarily be a full-fledged freak show. The movie will not focus on classic horror elements like jump scares. It will be an action flick with many scary sequences, as Kevin Feige claimed in a 2019 interview.

The original director hired for the movie was Scott Derrickson. Not much is known about why h departed the movie. He is himself an acclaimed director of the horror genre. Derrickson has directed movies like Sinister and Hellraiser: Inferno. Considering Scarlet Witch’s sinister transition in WandaVision, horror elements might make the perfect mix for Doctor Strange 2.