Doctor Strange 2: Wild Scarlet Witch Theory Completely Changes MCU Phase 4 & 5

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has some pretty big revelations for Marvel fans. The Illuminati is here. Patrick Stewart is in the MCU. There are multiple variants of many heroes including Doctor Strange. Mordo returns and there are hints of Nightmare making his entry into the MCU. But this Scarlet Witch theory from Doctor Strange 2 is what is taking the internet by storm at the moment. According to this Scarlet Witch theory, things are about to change for Wanda Maximoff for the better or worse in future MCU phases.


Wanda Maximoff – The Story So far

Wanda Maximoff

The Scarlet Witch has had the time and resources to study the dark magic the Darkhold promises. She has amassed a fortune of knowledge on mystic techniques probably not even Doctor Strange has access to. Her recent Westview adventure in WandaVision proves that Wanda is willing to do whatever it takes to get her loved ones back. When Stephen Strange comes to seek her aid against a threat to the multiverse and all realities, Wanda agrees to help. But there could be more to that agreement than what meets the eye. Some of her dialogues in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer show that Wanda is not the goody-two-shoes she used to be.

Wanda Maximoff – The Story So Far

Possessor Of The Darkhold

There’s reason to believe that Scarlet Witch will go total rogue in Doctor Strange 2. Both in the movies and comic books, the story of Scarlet Witch has been full of loss and sacrifice. In the comic books, she lost both her children to Mephisto and lost her mind. In the series, Wanda had to sacrifice her joy for the sake of leaving the citizens of Westview alone. The series shows Wanda making some real bad decisions. But she was not the villain of the show. Rather she was an anti-hero of sorts. In the end, she chose the moral high ground and deactivated the Hex, killing her make-believe life. But this has led to fans thinking that Scarlet Witch does have the potential to become a villain.


Scarlet Witch Theory – Wanda Has Turned Evil In Doctor Strange 2

She’s Not Who She Seems

In one of the most insane theories in the internet right now, it is being claimed Wanda is already a villain in Doctor Strange 2. When Strange approaches Wanda on a cherry blossom farm, she is seen thinking about her mistakes in WandaVision.

That’s Not Fair…..

In the second trailer that was released recently, we see Doctor Strange wearing the same outfit. But the blooming cherry blossom farm has been turned into a forest of dead trees. Wanda does have the ability to project powerful illusions. With the Darkhold in her possession, she now possesses enough knowledge to cast an illusion that could even fool the former Sorcerer Supreme. Wanda may be hiding her true intentions in plain sight. Her real goal may be something too sinister for us to comprehend.

Why Will Wanda Go Evil?

Scarlet Witch Theory

“You break the rules and become a hero. I do it, I become the enemy. That doesn’t seem fair.” 

Why wouldn’t she? She has sacrificed so much for the good of the world. From losing Vision to her own children and brother, Wanda’s losses have been seemingly downplayed compared to the losses of the other Avengers. Despite helping save the world, Scarlet Witch was not even allowed to bury Vision‘s body. In the second Doctor Strange 2 trailer, Wanda in her Scarlet Witch avatar could be seen comforting a grief-stricken Wanda from Westview. This could be some terrific foreshadowing for the things to come.

Doctor Strange 2

All her life, Wanda has fought her demons alone. No one has helped her and probably no one will. This Scarlet Witch theory states that Wanda Maximoff has finally reached a breaking point. She has had her “One Bad Bay”. Now the Scarlet Witch is going to push back, dish out the same punishment she has been enduring throughout her life. After sacrificing so much, Wanda intends to take back whatever she wants – by hook or by crook.

This Scarlet Witch Theory claims – Wanda Maximoff will become a villain in future MCU phases.

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