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Doctor Strange 2 Writer Hints Illuminati Will Return

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness is doing great business at the Box Office. It has received a positive reception from fans. To say that Doctor Strange 2 was a highly anticipated movie would be an understatement. The film was preceded by an avalanche of fan theories, speculations, and rumors. Now that the film has had its theatrical release, fans are looking towards the future.

In this light, we discuss a conversation screenwriter Michael Waldron had with ET. One of his answers appears to hint that the Illuminati may return. What do you think of the Illuminati featuring in Doctor Strange 2? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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Doctor Strange 2 Writer Hints That The Illuminati May Return

Doctor strange 2 writer hints that the illuminati may return
Screenwriter Waldron hints that the Illuminati may return

Screenwriter Michael Waldron of Doctor Strange 2 was recently interviewed by ET. When asked about the future of the characters that made a cameo appearance in the movie including the Illuminati, he said: “I don’t think there’s anything that’s just a fan service moment. We worked really hard to treat Universe 838 as a real place. I mean, it’s another universe they go to and now there’s going to be real consequences as to what happened in there.”

He continued, “So, you know, is that a universe that we’ll revisit and see other stories in one day? I don’t know, perhaps? I hope so. It was our hope that it felt like a real enough place that it could be. And so, I always felt that the worst way to approach the multiverse was to do it in a way where each different universe felt like a sketch and not a real, lived-in place where there weren’t real stakes for what happened. I don’t know when we’ll see characters like that again, or where you see the fallout of all this. Maybe [we’ll see it] somewhere down the line.”

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On The Inspiration For The Illuminati Scene In The Film

Doctor strange 2 writer hints that the illuminati may return
A poster of Doctor Strange 2

Talking about the inspiration for the Illuminati sequence in the film, Waldron said: “In terms of inspiration, I was thinking a lot about Aliens, when James Cameron establishes the space marines and they’re all so badass — and then they just get massacred. I just loved that. And so, yeah, I was excited to do that. And then, it was kind of a moving target of who’s going to comprise this team. Who ultimately ended up [in the Illuminati] was probably beyond my wildest dreams, that we could actually get all of those people and do to them what we did.” These words by screenwriter Waldron provide a glimpse into the work that goes down in making such amazing films.

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