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Doctor Strange Reveals Marvel’s Most Powerful Superhero

Doctor Strange reveals powerful superhero

Marvel Comics has produced some of the best and strongest superheroes in the world, but according to Doctor Strange, there is one that he thinks will always triumph no matter what.

Doctor Strange Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics’ Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange faced an all-powerful villain in Secret Wars, an event where Doctor Doom stole Beyonder’s powers and fashioned the remnants into a world he could control called the “Battleworld.” Strange, in this particular quest, helped Doom. In the same event, two vessels survived the annihilation of Earth-616, one of them carrying Earth’s best heroes, such as Reed Richards and Black Panther.

Doctor Doom saw this, and knowing the God Emperor would slaughter them all, Strange dispersed them across the Battleworld. This was seen as an act of betrayal, and Doom will not let it pass. Knowing he would die sooner or later, Strange told Doom: “Even with all this power, you’re still afraid of him. I think you should be.” As expected, the Sorcerer Supreme was executed.

Marvel’s Secret Wars with Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom

Who Is The Greatest Superhero Doctor Strange Was Talking About?

Doctor Strange was pertaining to Reed Richards, also known as Mister Fantastic. To the sorcerer, he is the hero that can beat the seemingly undefeatable villain. Mister Fantastic is also determined to take Doom down after he took his family. Ultimately, the God Emperor was no match for Reed Richards. The hero is very skilled in all aspects of battles. Thanks to his obsession with working tirelessly; he was able to throw a punch above his weight.

Reed Richards Marvel
Reed Richards a.k.a. Mister Fantastic

Richard’s courage to fight an omnipotent villain proves that when a hero believes in himself, then half the battle is won. Doctor Strange held his friend with high regard. Whether he has foreseen this event or not, calling Reed Richards the strongest superhero that can defeat Doom is truly a great honor.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.