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‘Doesn’t sound like something a little kid would like’: Snow White Actor Rachel Zegler Claims Original Movie Scared Her So Much She Didn’t Watch it For 17 Years

Snow White Actor Rachel Zegler Claims Original Movie Scared Her So Much She Didn't Watch it For 17 Years

Who would’ve believed that the actress playing Snow White in the upcoming musical fantasy film was actually scared of the original animated movie? But it’s true. A live-action adaptation of everyone’s favorite childhood Disney movie, Snow White, is in the works. And Rachel Zegler, the lead star, has recently opened up about her true feelings regarding the original film.

Rachel Zegler to play Snow White in the 2024 film
Rachel Zegler to play Snow White in the 2024 film

The actress admitted she wasn’t particularly thrilled when she’d first seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In fact, she did not like the movie at all. One would expect a fairy-tale story to have a rather amiable effect on a child, but Zegler had ended up being scared of it instead.

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Rachel Zegler used to be scared of the original Snow White movie as a child 

With Rachel Zegler as Snow White and the famous Israeli actress, Gal Gadot playing the role of the Evil Queen in the movie, Disney stated that fans should expect its release in 2024.

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The 21-year-old actress recently had an interview with Entertainment Weekly, wherein she briefly addressed her strange relationship with Snow White and her fairy-tale world. To think fantasy characters would end up scaring someone is quite surprising, especially given the fact that Zegler is going to play the same character with which she has bad memories associated.

Snow White's original animation
Snow White, the original animated movie

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Nevertheless, her take on why this was the case is just as unique. “I was scared of the original cartoon. I think I watched it once and then never picked it up again.” Zegler admitted as she talked about her fears attached to the movie.


She had gotten so terrified of it that after watching it once as a kid, she never went back to it until she was 17 years old. And that too, was mainly because she is to play Snow White in her upcoming movie. “I saw her for the first time in probably 16 or 17 years when I was making this movie.” 

Snow White’s fairy-tale was more like a horror story to Zegler 

Even though the original movie ended on a hopeful note as all fantasy cartoons do, it makes sense as to why it would’ve scared a young Zegler. After all, the Evil Queen’s character was one that would easily instill fear in any child.

Snow White
Rachel Zegler on the set of Snow White

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As she talked about never seeing the animated movie again after she’d watched it once, Zegler also mentioned her trip to DisneyWorld which further solidified her fears. “I’m being so serious, I watched it once, and then I went on the ride at DisneyWorld, which is called Snow White’s Scary Adventures, doesn’t sound like something a little kid would like, was terrified of it, never revisited Snow White again.” 

Sounds like it got Zegler pretty good. But, with her starring in the new movie, Disney might just be able to quell her fears about the whole story and help her view it from a new, fresher lens.

The live-action adaptation of Snow White is set to release in 2024.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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