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“Don’t be kissing no man”: Will Smith Regretted Taking Denzel Washington’s Advice for $6M Comedy That Haunted Him Later

"Don't be kissing no man": Will Smith Regretted Taking Denzel Washington's Advice for $6M Comedy That Haunted Him Later

Will Smith has gone on to achieve a lot in the course of his career. The Men in Black star is one of the biggest names in Hollywood despite the controversies attested to his name in the past year. It is in part down to his versatility, having acted in blockbuster action movies that have made fans go crazy on the one hand and feel-good movies that would make anyone shed tears of joy. It is because of these factors that he is considered a role model by an innumerable host of people (at least prior to the Chris Rock slap scandal he was).

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!

Will Smith
Will Smith

Being an icon for the masses is no mean feat. No one knows that better than Will Smith. You are always on the radar, with every action of yours subject to unreal scrutiny. That is to be expected though when innumerable folks look up to what you do.

Mr. Smith is aware of the phenomenon (and the responsibility that comes with it). That is why he regrets refusing to perform a certain scene all the way back in the 90s when his career was still young and so was he.

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Will Smith had the chance to try something different

Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation
Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation

At the start of his career, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was just like any other actor out there, looking for his first big break to claw his way into the industry. In tryst of success, he found himself working in Six Degrees of Separation. The mystery drama was inspired by the real-life story of David Hampton.

The 54-year-old star was essaying the role of a con man who also happened to be gay. In the course of the shoot, Smith had to lock lips with a male co-star on screen. A task that he found himself unable to perform.

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Will Smith regrets listening to Denzel Washington’s advice

Denzel Washington asked Will Smith not to kiss a man on screen
Denzel Washington and Will Smith

Years down the line, the Emancipation star would reflect on his decision. He told Entertainment Weekly,

“I wasn’t emotionally stable enough to artistically commit to that aspect of the film.”

Smith had taken the call after consulting Denzel Washington, who told him bluntly, “Don’t be kissing no man.” The scene would be shot from the back, where he was able to fake the kiss.

The After Earth star regrets the call. He said,

“In a movie with actors and a director and writer of this caliber, for me to be the one bringing something cheesy to it … this was a valuable lesson for me. Either you do it, or you don’t.”

That is one mistake he probably won’t be committing again.

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