“This is the only reason why it hasn’t been done yet”: Don’t Expect Helldivers 2 to Get 1 Feature Any Time Soon After Tongue-in-Cheek Response

Even the Arrowhead CEO isn't afraid to get in on the jokes.

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  • Helldivers 2 CEO has been getting involved in jokes with fans on X.
  • A new concept about Pelican 1 has fans cracking jokes.
  • However, this feature looks as though it may never happen.
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Helldivers 2 is no stranger to making plenty of jokes on social media with their fans. Yesterday showed that there is still plenty of jokes and banter to be had amongst the players after a post made to the social media site X that resulted in a very funny response from fans about a potential new feature.


The post has some fans excited; however, it looks unlikely that the idea will ever come to pass, and fans may just be displaying too much in the way of wishful thinking about the new concept. Whether it happens or not, this shows that the CEO, Johan Pilestedt, can still connect with the fans in a light-hearted manner and make the community feel more involved with the game as it progresses.

The CEO isn’t Afraid to Join the Banter

Even the CEO of Arrowhead Games isn't scared to join in on the jokes.
Even the CEO of Arrowhead Games isn’t scared to join in on the jokes.

It appears as though even Johan Pilestedt, the Arrowhead Games CEO and head creative director of Helldivers 2, is no stranger to getting involved in the banter about his game on social media, with a hilarious response to a post on X relating to a concept about the shuttle Pelican 1.


In the post made by the user, a series of concept images were shown with the Pelican 1 shuttles’ potential to offer air support for players while on missions. This was accompanied by the caption “What if… Pelican 1 joined the fight?“. This warranted a reply from Pilestedt who agreed with the original user.

This was then replied to by a fan who questioned how the shuttle would offer support if it took two minutes to pick up players, which garnered a lightheartedly funny comment about how that is the only reason it hasn’t happened yet.


What Other Helldivers 2 Fans think of the Idea

It seems that while this feature may not make it to Helldivers 2.
It seems that while this feature may not make it to Helldivers 2.

Other fans of the game were also joining in with the ideas in the comment section of the post. This shows that while they may never add this feature to Helldivers 2, fans can still have a laugh about the ideas along with the man behind the massive live-service title. 

Fans may never see this concept come to fruition, though, as even with the lighthearted nature of the comment.


There has been no confirmation of whether the idea will ever happen at all or whether this is just wishful thinking by the Helldivers 2 community, but we would like to know your thoughts.

Will Pelican 1 ever be able to join the fray? Or is this just an idea that won’t come to pass? Let us know in the comments section!


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