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“Don’t get in her business”: Will Smith’s Daughter Left Her Mother Shocked On Revealing Getting Introduced To S*x Through Her Parents

Will Smith’s Daughter Left Her Mother Shocked On Revealing Getting Introduced To S*x Through Her Parents

The Smith family, with their talk show – Red Table Talk made fans highly uncomfortable in a June episode back in 2018. Maybe not as common among the commoners, but the Smith family likes to keep things open with their children.

The episode was heavily focused on se*ual aspects of the family members and Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow Smith took the conversation beyond the fence. 

Red Table Talk
Red Table Talk

Pinkett Smith’s mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris was present as usual and Willow Smith’s friend Telana Lynum made a guest appearance and shared some of her own life experiences around the subject.

Willow Smith, like always, carried her thoughts across the table in a casual yet confident manner. But, her mother sitting opposite, couldn’t handle what she heard about herself and her husband Will Smith.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Wants Her Daughter To be Open About S*x

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have always kept their children in the loop about their successful Hollywood careers and pushed them to achieve the life of their dreams. 

But, it’s not just their careers that the conversation went on about in the episode. Pinkett Smith feels that women need to feel comfortable in their homes and be open about their se*ual lives to avoid having troubles down the road. 

The Smith family
The Smith family

“If I have to sit up here and tell her how she has to be careful in these streets because of all the harm that may come to her because she is a woman, then I am damn sure not leaving out the good stuff,” said Pinkett Smith.

Fans of the actress know about her and Will Smith’s platonic relationship before the duo got married, but, a lot has changed since then. She blames social media for that.

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Willow Smith’s Shocking Revelation About Will Smith And Her Mother

The intense conversation was pumped up even more when Willow Smith shared that her parents were responsible for her learning about s*x. 

Will Smith could have pulled up a mild version of his Oscar’s stunt but considering he had been guilty, his reaction would have been priceless to see. Jada Pinkett Smith, however, burst out laughing when her daughter revealed –

My introduction to s*x was obviously walking in on you and Daddy. I think it was in Aspen. I was going downstairs to get some juice. I saw for a little moment, and then I ran away.”

Pinkett Smith with her daughter Willow Smith
Pinkett Smith with her daughter Willow Smith

Pinkett Smith asked how she felt about the whole situation –

“Like I just overstepped a boundary,” she replied. “I wasn’t supposed to be there. It was as if I walked in on you meditating. When Mommy is meditating, don’t get in her business.”

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Although the family is quite frank about the subject matter, Willow Smith expressed that her father Will Smith may not be the best person to talk to about se*ual matters as he had a habit of turning fun conversations into an intellectual debate.

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