“Don’t let my husband know”: Not Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson Feels a Real Life Romance With Leonardo DiCaprio Had Higher Chance of Success

Rebecca Ferguson is a big Leonardo DiCaprio admirer just like all of us.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rebecca Ferguson


  • Leonardo DiCaprio was the ultimate heartthrob of the 90s and many girls were obsessed with him.
  • Rebecca Ferguson was one of them and she even tested out her chances with the actor using tarot cards.
  • She wants the Titanic star to know she still has a huge crush on him.
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Leonardo DiCaprio was the heartthrob of every young girl in the 90s. His charismatic and handsome looks made everyone fall in love with him. His subsequent roles in The Basketball Diaries, Romeo+Juliet and Titanic made him arguably the most popular young movie star of his generation.

Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet
Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet

It seems Mission Impossible star Rebecca Ferguson was and still is an ardent admirer of the actor. The actress recently recalled a Tarot card tradition in her home country Sweden where she would try to find out the possibility of a romance with the Titanic star.

Rebecca Ferguson Tested The Chances of A Romance With Leonardo DiCaprio

Rebecca ferguson's Elsa Faust became a big part of the mission Impossible fracnhsie with Tom Cruise
Rebecca Ferguson’s Elsa Faust in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Rebecca Ferguson is now one of the high-profile actresses starring in some big franchises and much talked about films. Her roles in Dune and Mission Impossible franchise have elevated her star power significantly. However, when it came to her on-screen crush, it was not her Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise, but rather Leonardo DiCaprio.


In an interview with Deadline, the actress recalled a funny anecdote where she would get involved in tarot readings in Sweden and test out the possibilities of a romantic affair with the Titanic actor. The calculations were based on the inclusion of the letters in ‘LOVE’ on either of their names. The actress revealed that the percentage added up and revealed an 89% probability.

Ferguson hilariously called out the Titanic actor and the percentage that they had. When Deadline told her that they would let the actor know, she agreed but advised them not to let her husband know about any of it. Ferguson said,

In Sweden, we did like Tarot readings, but we did it on paper. so you would wrote your name, and you count and you write ‘Rebecca Ferguson Loves Leonardo DiCaprio’. Take the L in love and you see how many L’s doo we have? So Leo has one…Then you count the percentage. And I think me and Leo scored like 89, just so you know. Yeah, just saying Leo 89%!… Yeah, Don’t let my husband know.

Ferguson’s comments add to the overwhelming reputation that DiCaprio had among female fans in the 90s (and even to this day). The incomparable talent that he had combined with the boyish charm that he possessed made girls swoon all over him and it is not surprising that Ferguson still has a crush on DiCaprio after all these years.


Leonardo DiCaprio Is Eternally Grateful To Sharon Stone For Helping Him Early in His Career

Sharon Stone picked Leonardo DiCaprio to star in The Quick and the Dead
Sharon Stone picked Leonardo DiCaprio to star in The Quick and the Dead

In the early 90s, Leonardo DiCaprio was an up-and-coming actor who had started proving his mettle as an actor with projects like This Boy’s Life and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. However, most studios were not keen on taking chances with the young actor at the time. Actress Sharon Stone ended up paying the young actor for his role in the 1995 Western film The Quick and the Dead.

In an interview with E! News, the actor stated that he has thanked Stone numerous times for her generosity. While he doesn’t remember whether he sent a physical thank-you gift, DiCaprio is eternally grateful to the actress for her constant support. The actor said,

I’ve thanked her many times. I don’t know if I sent her an actual, physical thank you gift, but I cannot thank her enough. She was amazing….She said ‘These are the two actors (him and Russel Crowe) I wanna work with’ and you know, it’s incredible

After giving an impressive performance in last year’s Killers of the Flower Moon, DiCaprio is now collaborating with Paul Thomas Anderson on an untitled film, set to be released on August 8, 2025. The actor is also set to reunite with Martin Scorsese in a Frank Sinatra biopic.


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