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“Don’t think we will be playing this”: Hogwarts Legacy Confirms Players Can’t Play Quidditch Despite Promising Earlier, Get Severe Backlash For Hyping Up Amidst Racist Undertones

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There was a time when the hype for the Harry Potter franchise was unreal. Devouring everything Harry Potter-related, the fans were excited when it was announced that a game set in the Wizarding World titled Hogwarts Legacy will be available to play in a short time. Their joy quickly turned to ash when it was recently revealed that the world-famous sport in the magical realm of Potter, Quidditch, will not be a playable activity, despite hyping up the sport earlier.

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One of the many corridors of Hogwarts Legacy (2023).
One of the many corridors of Hogwarts Legacy (2023).

Hogwarts Legacy In Danger of Low Sales

Following the announcement of the unavailability of Quidditch sports in the upcoming RPG, Hogwarts Legacy has left fans in a dilemma. The sport was hyped-up before in promotions of the game however, the decision has been seemingly announced without any explanation.

A screenshot of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy (2023).
A screenshot of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy (2023).

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Some fans have speculated that the addition of the game would be too heavy for the studios (Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive) while others stated that a PS2 version of the game Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup had the option.


However, several fans also decided to defend the studios on the basis of it becoming too difficult and chaotic to control. Not to mention the high amount of animation that they would have to add to the already open-world game of Potterverse

These announcements only add fuel to the fire as most games based on movies, series, or comics have received failure quite a few times (the only exception being Spider-Man Deadpool). It was not long ago that the fans had revolted against their queen J.K. Rowling for writing transphobic tweets on Twitter. The people entered a debate about the words and whether they were intentional or not. The people however recently sympathized with her when she received a death threat on Twitter while supporting fellow author Salman Rushdie.

J.K. Rowling Could Be The Downfall For Hogwarts Legacy

A student in Quidditch robes as seen in Hogwarts Legacy (2023).
A student in Quidditch robes as seen in Hogwarts Legacy (2023).

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There has been much discussion going around about the goblins portrayed in the Harry Potter books. A podcast stated that the goblins share several characteristics that stereotypes have in mind for the Jewish culture. There has been a long-held stereotype that Jewish people tend to be greedy, miser, and, have pointed noses. And guess who fits the description?

Another theory states that Lord Voldemort was inspired by the Nazi movement from the World War era with their motto of eradicating the muggles from the world while only the pure-bloods should remain. J.K. Rowling has been dealing with both sides with a single thread of a tweet that could throw her off balance. Hogwarts Legacy may run successfully and may result in DLCs of the game being released at some point. And who knows, maybe one of those DLCs will allow us to play Quidditch!

Hogwarts Legacy is slated for a release date on 10th February 2023.


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