“Don’t want to be the guy… clutching a pillow to his d*ck”: Ewan McGregor Reveals Why Modern S*x Scenes are Absurd

"Don't want to be the guy… clutching a pillow to his d*ck": Ewan McGregor Reveals Why Modern S*x Scenes are Absurd


  • Ewan McGregor has gone naked in various movies, including Trainspotting, The Pillow Book, Velvet Goldmine and Young Adam.
  • The Star Wars star was also at the top of Male Actors' Nudity Ranking in 2020.
  • McGregor doesn't understand why people raise such a hue and cry about nudity, and wants to normalize sex scenes in movies.
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If you had asked an actor a few decades back whether or not it was fine to strip down completely, it is likely that the answer would have been negative. Times have now changed. Contemporary industry players have more or less made peace with the fact that nudity is bound to be a part and parcel of movies. Ewan McGregor is no different. In spite of his bluntness on the topic, he has decried against modern s*x scenes because of one special reason.

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Ewan McGregor was at the top of the Male Actors’ Nudity Ranking

Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor had his fair share of nude scenes

Ewan McGregor is a seasoned veteran of the industry, having earned great renown for his performances in The Star Wars prequel trilogy, Christopher Robin, and The Island amongst other major works. Quite the filmography, isn’t it?


What will shock the masses is the fact that in the course of his career, he has done more nude scenes than any other male actor. No wonder he was at the top of the Male Actors’ Nudity Ranking back in 2020.

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Ewan McGregor is not one to shy away from doing nudity

Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor feels there is nothing wrong with getting naked

The list of movies in which Ewan McGregor has bared himself runs quite long, including the likes of Trainspotting, The Pillow Book, Velvet Goldmine, and Young Adam. It doesn’t come as a shock that when the 52-year-old was asked what he thinks of stripping down, he was as normal as any person could be.

In an interview with Telegraph, he said,


“The truth is I don’t mind doing nudity if it’s called for. I’ve not done it in some films when asked to, because I felt it was gratuitous, but films reflect our lives. I love romantic films, and part of that in our modern world is sex.” (Telegraph)

That doesn’t mean that he’s all in when it comes to love-making scenes.

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Ewan McGregor doesn’t want to be “the guy clutching a pillow to his d*ck”

Ewan McGregor compares himself to Alec Guinness
Ewan McGregor is not a fan of how sex is depicted in some Hollywood movies

The Angels & Demons star doesn’t understand all the hue and cry about full-frontal nudity in movies. He continued,

“I don’t want to be the guy getting out of bed clutching a pillow to his dick because people don’t do that in real life. If you’ve just spent three hours making love to a woman in bed, you’re not going to be worried about her seeing you when you get up to go to the toilet. At least, I wouldn’t be.”

Looks like McGregor is not a fan of how s*x is displayed in some modern movies. And he isn’t amiss. If you are doing it, you might as well do it the natural way.


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