“Don’t worry, even Goku is Scared of needles”: Action God Jackie Chan’s Only Kryptonite Leaves His Fans in Complete Disbelief

Action God Jackie Chan's Only Kryptonite Leaves His Fans in Complete Disbelief
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It’s hard to name a more courageous performer in showbiz than Jackie Chan, who used to risk his life on a regular basis during his prime for the sake of entertaining his fans. And although it seemed nothing could get under the actor’s skin and frighten him in any manner, there is a surprising exception, which tends to send chills down the Hong Kong legend’s spine.


However, his kryptonite had nothing to do with horrifying animals or life-threatening stunts, as Chan expressed his extreme fear of needles, which never misses to get a scream out of him.

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Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s Surprising Fear Generated a Wholesome Reaction From Fans

Like many major superheroes, who only have one major weakness, Jackie Chan also has one major fear, which involves injections. Considering he has no problems falling from a clocktower or snowboarding on a helicopter, it’s surprising to learn that normal Hospital procedure is the thing that petrifies the Karate Kid Star, as he gets goosebumps from syringe needles. Further reflecting on this matter in an interview, Chan elaborated on his fear of needles, explaining,

“I’ve always been afraid of injections,” he said. “I have never feared for anything else except the syringe. Snakes, roaches and rats can’t scare me, but I will be terrified by the sight of syringes. Imagine a needle in your flesh and a tube of liquid injected in your body… So scary!”

This staggering revelation went on to garner some wholesome reactions from fans, with one stating, “Don’t worry, even Goku is scared of needles.” One fan tuned in, stating, “This man has the guts to jump buildings but is scared of needles Dam,” while another comment added, “One of the toughest guy in the world and he’s afraid of needles…”.

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Jackie Chan in Police Story
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s Fear of Needles Once Made Everyone Around Him Laugh

Revealing one hilarious incident during his time filming 1976’s Spiritual Kung Fu, Jackie Chan recounted how he tried to avoid getting a tetanus shot. After hurting himself during the production process by falling, Chan was prescribed by the doctor to get a tetanus shot. And following his fear of needles, the actor tried to avoid the confrontation with the nurse, but eventually had no choice but to get injected, resulting in him shouting indefinitely while the people surrounding him kept on laughing.

“As soon as the nurse showed up with a syringe, I got so scared that I fled by pushing the bed forward,” he recalled. “Before the nurse injected me, I had already started shouting and screaming. People gathered around me and laughed really hard when they found out the reason.”

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Spiritual Kung Fu (1978)
Spiritual Kung Fu (1978)

The hilarious situation just proves that even someone as lionhearted as Chan can also have minute worries, but it doesn’t overshadow his extreme determination to ensure fans’ enjoyment.


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