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“Don’t worry. This one will be fast”: Producer Beau Flynn Confirms Black Adam 2 is Almost Upon Us

Black Adam

DCEU’s newfound success via their collaboration with The Rock may mean that a Black Adam 2 is soon on its way. Although there is no official news on that front yet, the possibility of a sequel featuring Dwayne Johnson and his team of heroes should come as no surprise given that the fans have received the movie with unanimous praise despite its lacking innovation. Middling critic reviews have done little to deter the Black Adam producers as well.

Black Adam
Black Adam (2022)

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Black Adam Producers Optimistic About a Fast Sequel

It’s barely been a day since the film’s release but Black Adam has already been making the rounds for its plot and post-credit scene. Despite promising a masterpiece worthy of following in the footsteps of the controversial SnyderVerse, Black Adam merely delivered a one-time watch plot that was overall predictable and contained all the elements of a generic anti-hero movie. The action was one of the better aspects of the otherwise saturated narrative.

Black Adam
Black Adam garners middling critic reviews for a stereotypical plot driven by action

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Despite all of the factors that developed a fissure among the fan and critic reception, the producers behind the movie, Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia sound pretty optimistic when it comes to the possibility of a Black Adam 2 in the future. Flynn and Garcia respectively commented:

“Don’t worry. This one will be fast… We will open up the magic wagon, we’ll have the script ready, pretty fast.”

“It’s not going to take that long. I can promise you that. We always hope the first domino’s the easy one. We’ll get cooking on it fast, that’s for sure.”

If the news indeed proves to launch among the executives at Warner Bros., it will effectively be a step beyond a cheap cash grab. The Rock‘s vision coupled with what David Zaslav has in mind for DCEU’s future may prove substantial and necessary for a Black Adam 2. 

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Black Adam 2: Probable Plot Details and Release Timeline

The Rock, at the moment, is all in on his DCEU deal. And so far, it has paid off. The action-driven plot has done little to disappoint and has made up for a majority of the archetypal spoonfed superhero origin story. Well-placed humor and cinematography, too, contributed to covering up The Rock’s rather stoic acting. Despite all of it, the possibility of a Black Adam vs. Superman showdown looms overhead, particularly after the numerous inferences and teases on Johnson’s part.

Man of Steel
Black Adam 2 might be featuring Henry Cavill more prominently

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If the fight is to occur at some point in DCEU, it would very likely be after the Man of Steel 2 story is out and established. Henry Cavill needs all the support he can get at the moment for his return and the story preferably will pick up on Superman’s character development after the events of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Once his arc is complete, explaining why he might be at the beck and call of Amanda Waller of all people, the Black Adam 2 showdown may be ready for its landing.

This also aligns with Aldis Hodge aka Hawkman’s theory where he states that the fight between Black Adam and Superman may require the buildup of a trilogy. Moreover, a recent news slate from WB also announces the numerous projects that DC currently has in development. Taking all of the facts into account, Black Adam 2 might be getting a nod at the 2025 DC Fandome, at the latest.

Black Adam is now playing in theatres worldwide.

Source: ComicBook

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