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Doom Patrol: 6 Things Only Comic Books Fans Know!

Doom Patrol 6 Things Only Comic Books Fans Know

Doom Patrol is getting Season 3 and fans are waiting for its return. However, the TV show audience who doesn’t follow comic books might not be aware that Doom Patrol has a long history in the pages.

There might be plot points or story arcs left from the TV show. Here are 6 things that only comic book fans will be aware of.

The Brain and Its Connection to Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol The Brain









The Brain is a prominent member of the Brotherhood who is linked to The Chief of Doom Patrol. He was supposed to get the same suit as the Robotman. However, The Chief left him vulnerable and exposed to attacks. This personal vendetta can be used as a plot point in the show.

Celsius and Her Team

Doom Patrol Celsius and Her Team






As compared to comic books, Celsius has been largely out of the picture in the TV show. However, in the books, she had created her own team as she stepped up with Doom Patrol. She was also a potential superhero teacher for the team.

Although the team didn’t last long, she did have a significant role in the books.

Danny The Street Transformations

Danny The Street Doom Patrol






TV show fans know the ability of Danny The Street. He can transform into any desired objects. In the show, he transforms into smaller objects like a brick. However, in the comic books, the full potential of his abilities is explored.

At one point he transforms into an ambulance and his power becomes unstoppable. He becomes Danny The Planet by emboding a whole globe.

Rebirth reboot started with a disbanded team







The TV show has a perfect casting and they have portrayed each character perfectly. However, the Rebirth reboot of the comic book finds the team disbanded and they are dispersed through out the Universe.

It takes Danny The Street to put some efforts at finding all the members and finally reuniting them. And with the final consequences of the Season 2 of the TV show which finds the team dispersed, the show might explore this story arc in Season 3.

The Power Ring hunt

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz






Doom Patrol is self-preservationist and hence fights to protect themselves. However, they sometimes go on specific missions. For example, The Power Ring hunt where Doom Patrol and Justice League hunt down the Power Ring possesed by Jessica Cruz.

They also help her overcome and control the immense power of the ring. This comic book story can be explored on-screen.

General Immortus: Who is he?

General Immortus 28New Earth29 002









General Immortus is a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. As the name suggests, he is immortal and drinks a serum for immortality. Also, he gets powers that are beyond normal human abilities.

Another major foe of The Chief, fans might want to see him on-screen. And if he does, he will be portrayed as the on-screen leader of the group just for narrative purposes.

Comment down any other crucial moments from the comic book that TV show fans might have missed.

Source: ScreenRant

Written by Aditi Thosar