Doom Patrol: 12 Crazy Facts About DC’s Weirdest Superhero Team

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It will be a unanimous yes when we say that the Doom Patrol series is the the very epitome of the term ‘Weird’. It is so strangely surreal and psychedelic that sometimes it feels like a Jackson Pollock painting. The story so far has been a bumpy but joyful ride. Can the Season 3 of Doom Patrol top the weird factor of the last two seasons of the show? Doom Patrol, anticipated for a 2021 release date, will be aired exclusively on HBO Max. Here’s some crazy facts about the craziest superhero team to ever exist.


Elasti-Girl Won a Gold Medal in the Olympics

She won a gold medal in swimming. Bet you did not know that. So next time you watch April Bowlby playing the character in Doom Patrol Season 3, you give her the respect she deserves.


Original Name Was Legion of the Strange

Legion of the Strange – the original name of the weirdest superhero team in the universe. They changed it to Doom Patrol. That sound way cooler. Thank Goodness!!

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Cyborg and Crazy Jane Are Not Original Members

While the show does give us a pretty good take on the superhero team, it takes a lot of liberties. Doom Patrol never ever had Cyborg as its member. They probably added the character for mass appeal.

Beast Boy is a Member


Beast Boy was a young boy who contracted a deadly disease. The viral disease affected everyone except a species of monkey. His father used an experimental serum on him that mutated his anatomy and gave him shape-shifting powers. Garth joined Doom Patrol before he switched to Teen Titans.

Robotman Has Had a Name Change

It’s good that they changed it. Brendan Fraser being called the generic name of Automaton is nothing short of comic book blasphemy.


Comic Book World’s First Intersex Superhero

Fun fact – Matt Bomer, who plays Larry Trainer aka the Negative Man in the show, is homosexual. He is a very popular actor who shot to fame after starring in White Collar as legendary con-man Neal Caffrey.

One of its Members Was a Cross Dressing Street


Danny the Street is on a whole new different level of strangeness. While most of Doom Patrol’s members are weird, Danny the Street is just something else entirely. He is a sentient street that travels the universe and cross dresses.

Have Had Onscreen Debuts Before

The live-action debut would be their first of its kind outing in the small screens. The Doom Patrol has had onscreen debuts before though. They were once in the frontlines of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Animation Block.


Marvel’s X-Men – a Rip-Off of Doom Patrol

For years, Marvel fans and DC fans have quarreled over the fact that the X-Men and Doom Patrol have too many similarities. Marvel fans would be displeased to know that their accusations that the X-Men are original might be untrue. The Doom Patrol predated the X-Men by 3 whole months.

Have Had Famous Superheroes as Members


For a ragtag group of misfits, Doom Patrol sure has found ways to rope in famous faces as members. Take a look at their overall members roster and you will know. They are kind of famous.

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Fights Villains Too Powerful Even For the Justice League


Th term ‘Dada’ refers to the early 20th Century art movement which took Europe by storm. Dada followers are logic anarchists. They believe in letting go of order and the cosmos in pursuit of art. The Brotherhood of Dada was so into this ideology even the Justice League could not find a way to fight them.

Niles Caulder ‘Created’ Doom Patrol

His theory was that only through hardship and chaos can humanity rise above its petty sentiments. Niles Caulder’s heart was in the right place but he went way too far. He tried to detonate a gene bomb that would have turned humanity into freaks, based on the same twisted logic. The Doom Patrol defeated him and took him down.

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