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Doom Patrol Season 3 Trailer: DC’s Brotherhood of Evil Introduced!

Doom Patrol Season 3 trailer has finally arrived. And the fans can look forward to awesome and crazy chaos with the team.

HBO Max recently released the trailer for the much-anticipated show. This has enthralled the series fans before the premiere of the new season later this year. The trailer shows season 3 beginning right where season 2 left the fans. The fans will see Michelle Gomez’s Madame Rogue in a time machine, but she has lost all her memories. And from here on, chaos ensues!

Keep reading to find the trailer, poster, and synopsis for season 3 below.

Doom Patrol Poster









Synopsis: Season 3 starts with a devastating loss caused due to Dorothy’s (Abi Monterey) confrontation with the Candlemaker. The Doom Patrol is at a crossroads with each member having their struggles. They need to choose between who they are and who they want to be. And to add to the chaos, we find Madame Rogue (Michelle Gomez) in a time machine, heading for a specific mission. But she can’t remember what mission. She has lost all her memories!

Earlier this year, images showing Michelle Gomez as Madame Rogue were teased making it clear that the Brotherhood of Evil will return in season 3. The showrunner Jeremy Carver said that Rogue won’t be your run-of-the-mill dry and cut baddie. He said that while talking to Michelle Gomez for the character, he explained Rogue will be much more like other characters of the series.

Rogue will be portrayed similar to other characters who are not inherently bad but have done certain bad things. Other noticeable characters in the season trailer are The Brain and Monsieur Mallah. Other shows such as Young Justice and Teen Titans also see these characters.

The trailer also sees other members from the Brotherhood like Garguax. Further, Michelle Gomez has also teased the Sisterhood of Dada which is also a spin on Brotherhood of Dada from Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol Season 3 premiers on Sep. 23 on HBO Max.



Written by Aditi Thosar