Dorry and Broggy’s 100 Million Bounty Exposes a Big Flaw in One Piece’s Power Scale

Major Flaw Revealed in One Piece Bounty System Used By The World Government.

Dorry and Broggy's 100 Million Bounty Exposes a Big Flaw in One Piece's Power Scale


  • In One Piece, the bounty system serves as a gauge for a character's power and danger to the government.
  • Even though bounty systems are frequently used in real life, the One Piece bounty system has caused a great deal of confusion among fans.
  • When fans learned about Dorry and Brogy's bounty, a significant weakness in the One Piece bounty system was revealed.
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The strength and the terror of a character are measured through the bounty system in One Piece. These bounties are assigned by the world government and are usually offered in exchange for the completion of a specific task. It refers to the amount of money given for the capture and/or execution of pirates, bandits, Marines, and other noteworthy individuals in various contexts.

Bounties in One Piece
Bounties in One Piece

The higher the bounty, the more dangerous the person is to the government. While the bounty system is a common method even in the real world, the One Piece bounty system has confused fans quite a lot. This is because there are many unfair bounties assigned to the characters in the series that, according to the fans, need to be changed.

One major flaw that was exposed in the One Piece bounty system was when fans got to know the bounty of Dorry and Brogy, the captain of The Giant Warrior Pirates was released and it did injustice to the characters. 


Dorry and Brogy’s Bounty Exposes a Big Flaw in One Piece Power Scale

Dorry and Brogy served as The Giant Warrior Pirates’ captains. They split up 102 years ago when Dorry and Brogy started their duel, but since Dorry and Brogy came back to Elbaf, they appear to have gotten back together. During their time, the captains of the Giant Pirates, Dorry, and Brogy had 100 million berries as a bounty apiece, and they were feared throughout the Grand Line.

However, 100 million berries are quite low as per their fame as dangerous pirates. They were feared throughout the grand line and captained one of the most dangerous crews of all time. They were assigned these bounties over a hundred years ago, and since then, they have not changed.

Dorry and Brogy
Dorry and Brogy

Many people believe that this is because of inflation. 100 million berries one hundred years ago were quite a huge amount and would have surely lived up to their reputation. In today’s date, it would easily cross the 1 billion mark, but this brings out a major flaw in the One Piece power scale and bounty assigning.


Old Characters From One Piece Whose Bounty Were Not Changed

There were many such characters who were assigned a bounty very early on in their life, and since then, it has not changed until recently. This yet again pointed out the flaw in the system that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series, might not have thought about thoroughly, but fans could point out easily.

Brook - One Piece
Brook – One Piece

One such character who was assigned a bounty very early was Brook. After taking over as Rumbar Pirates captain after the death of Yorki, Brook obtained a bounty of 33 million, which was almost 50 years ago. His bounty was still active even after he was declared dead. That 33 million bounty would have been a lot on today’s date, but he got assigned the bounty of only 83 million after he joined the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nico Robin was another such character who was assigned the Bounty of 79 Million twenty years ago, and even after going through so much, her bounty didn’t change until the Enies Lobby arc. And that too, her bounty was only increased by 1 million berries.


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