Is Valve Using Dota 2’s Frostivus Festival as an Excuse to Ban Players?

Dota 2 players are concerned they will be banned thanks to a unique reward from the Frostivus festival.

Is Valve Using Dota 2’s Frostivus Festival as an Excuse to Ban Players?


  • Dota 2 players are enjoying the Frostivus Festival.
  • Some Dota 2 players are receiving a special reward from the Frostivus treasure chests.
  • Gamers are concerned they could get banned due to the Frostivus Festival rewards.
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As we approach the Christmas period, the gaming community begins to get in the festive mood with games like Dota 2 beginning their Christmas event, which is called the Frostivus Festival. During this festive period, those who play games in Dota 2 will be able to earn points towards a Frostivus treasure chest, which is filled with items for players to collect.


However, these Frostivus treasure chests also have a secret prize that only a select group of players can acquire, and those who do acquire it will regret it. At the moment, there have only been a small number of players who have received this special prize, and gamers are confused as to why this special prize is being handed out in such a way.

What Is the Special Prize That Dota 2 Players Are Earning During the Frostivus Festival?

Dota 2 players are warned against Smurfing through the Frostivus Festival.
Gamers are being warned they could get banned on Dota 2.

For those who may not be aware, Dota 2 is a very popular multiplayer online battle arena game created by Valve, and has been going since 2013. Over the years, gamers have logged in and joined the massive Dota 2 community that is still growing to this day.


However, some gamers have received a rather special and sad reward from their Frostivus treasure chests. During the Frostivus Festival, there are some users who have received a toxic lump of coal within their chests, and there is one major reason as to why they are receiving this reward.

The reason certain players are receiving this reward is because Valve has found evidence that these select players have used or been affiliated with a smurf account. For those who may not be familiar with gaming terms, a smurf account is essentially an account made by someone who already has an account, and can be considered good at the game.

For obvious reasons, this is an incredibly frowned upon practise, especially in games like Dota 2, as using a smurf account allows pro-players to essentially begin again, and play against players who are new to the game. This turns things into a one-sided battle as the pro-players will demolish the new players.


Because this is incredibly frowned upon, Valve has taken to using the Frostivus Festival as a new and inventive way to warn those who take part in this method of gaming, and attempt to discourage them from doing it again.

What Do Players Think of This Special Reward From the Frostivus Festival?

Dota 2 players are warned against Smurfing through the Frostivus Festival.
Valve taunts players with a potential ban, thanks to the Frostivus Festival.

So far, only a select group of gamers have received this special reward from the Frostivus Festival, but not all the recipients believe they are worthy of receiving it. This is according to some players who have taken to different social media platforms to announce they have received this warning by mistake.

For those who have received this warning, there have been many questions asked as to how Valve knows whether they are using a smurf account or not. Some players have made the rather valid point that two players could be using the same hardware to play Dota 2, and this might be what Valve has detected.


Some gamers have made the point that they play in internet cafes and gaming cafes where they could be considered affiliated with other accounts that are shared on the setup they are using.

This has caused a lot of discussion amongst the player base, as there are those who believe that smurfing is an incredibly irritating practice, and that anyone who takes part in this method of gaming should be banned. But there are also those who may be receiving this warning by accident, and are concerned they will be banned by mistake.

At the moment, Valve hasn’t made any comment regarding these potential issues, but the numerous players who have received this reward in Dota 2 are worried. Valve is onto suspect accounts, and it appears there will be punishments if smurfing continues.


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