Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Map is HUGE

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The new State of Play trailer contained lots of new details about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Prepare yourself for a more immersive world in the sequel as the trailer confirms a map that’s nearly twice as big, as the previous game. Get ready to swing, fly and discover areas in Insomniac’s universe of Spider-Man!

Swinging Beyond Manhattan: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Map Breakdown

Spider-Man swings through the massive new map in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which is nearly double the size of the original game's map.
Spider-Man swings through the massive new map in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is nearly double the size of the original game’s map.

Manhattan is the start. With the State of Play trailer it’s been revealed that players will get to venture beyond the streets of Manhattan and explore the neighborhoods of Queens, Brooklyn, the East River and more. The cityscape is expanding, offering chances, for incredible heroics and thrilling exploration.

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The map is absolutely massive. It’s going to make the traversal experience much better. The trailer shows off this ability called, Web Wings that takes web-swinging to a whole new level.

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Just imagine gliding through the streets feeling the wind rush past you as you explore this playground. And don’t worry about spending time getting from one place to another; the lightning-fast loading times on the PS5 mean you won’t be stuck waiting around.

The Spider-Man App

Peter Parker's Friendly Neighborhood Marvels Spider-Man 2 app lets players take on missions, interact with the community, and even save cats in distress.
Peter Parker’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app lets players take on missions, interact with the community, and even save cats in distress.

However, it’s not just about swinging it’s also about embodying the role of a friendly neighborhood Spidey. During the State of Play event it was revealed that Peter Parker will have his app called Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, which brings to mind the adventures of Miles Morales.

This app presents possibilities for players to assume the mantle of a superhero undertaking missions interacting with the local community and perhaps even coming to the rescue of some adorable feline friends, in distress.

Spider-Man is well known for his range of suits and This game takes this aspect to a whole new level. The trailer hints, at a collection of 65 suits that will be available from the start. These suits pay homage to Spidey’s history encompassing movies, comics, and TV series while also introducing original designs.

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What’s more exciting is that you have the freedom to add your touch with, over 200 color shaders to choose from. Each suit comes with its set of skills and abilities allowing you to customize your Spidey experience based on your preferred play style.

As if all this Spidey goodness isn’t enough, Insomniac Games has dropped the bombshell that development has begun on Marvel’s Wolverine. The Marvel Gaming Universe is expanding, and fans couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities.

Finally, mark October 20, 2023, on your calendar in bold letters because that’s when this game swings exclusively onto the PlayStation 5. Prepare for an unforgettable journey through an expanded Marvel Universe, where challenges, iconic villains, and heroic moments await. The wait is almost over, and the adventure is about to begin!

What do you think of the new map size? Will you be picking up the title when it releases? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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