Dr Phil McGraw’s Net Worth and Salary Will Leave You Speechless

Dr. Phil McGraw's unveiling of the astonishing net worth and salary of television's iconic personality: Prepare to Be Amazed!

Dr Phil McGraw's Net Worth and Salary Will Leave You Speechless


  • Dr. Phil McGraw's iconic show ended after 21 seasons, but he's launching a new cable TV network.
  • His net worth in 2024 sits at $460 million, earned through diverse ventures beyond television.
  • Dr. Phil's journey to fame began with co-founding Pathways self-help seminars and later, Courtroom Sciences Inc. (CSI).
  • McGraw's annual earnings peaked at $95 million in 2019, but his financial success extends beyond television to various ventures.
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So, Dr. Phil wrapped up after 21 seasons. People are thinking back on how Dr. Phil McGraw really made his mark. That guy’s loaded, you know? And his paycheck? Well, it’s something else. The 73-year-old is definitely a big shot on TV, one of those faces you can’t miss. Fans are saying their goodbyes to the show, but guess what? 

Phil McGraw
Phil McGraw (credit: Instagram: drphil)

Dr. Phil’s not done yet. He dropped a bomb in November 2023, saying he was launching his own cable TV network with a show called Dr. Phil Primetime. Talk about a twist! So, while we’re saying goodbye to his old show, we’re also scratching our heads at what this guy’s gonna do next. McGraw’s journey, from nobody to somebody, and all that cash he’s raking in? It’s something worth thinking about.

Dr. Phil McGraw: TV Icon’s Transition To Primetime

Dr. Phil McGraw
Author Dr. Phil McGraw (credit: Instagram: drphil)

Dr. Phil McGraw’s talk show wrapped up after a solid 21 seasons, finishing its last run in 2022-2023. This guy, a big shot on American TV, author, and former shrink, has been in the spotlight since his daytime show kicked off back in September 2002. Word is, the TV personality has wrapped up his five-year deal with CBS Media Ventures.


Now, where’s all that dough coming from? Well, most of it’s from his own show, which ended on Jan. 31, 2023. But hey, don’t fret! McGraw isn’t disappearing. He spilled the beans in November 2023, saying he’s launching a fresh cable TV network centered around Dr. Phil Primetime, a new show kinda like his old one, which he hosted for a whopping 25 years. McGraw told Deadline

“I absolutely love talking to real people about real problems. People who aren’t just complaining but are actively looking for real solutions to better their lives. It all begins and ends with real people dealing with these issues for real, using common sense, fact-based information, and action plans to create results.”

So, you want to know McGraw’s bank balance? Stay tuned!

What’s Dr. Phil McGraw’s Net Worth In 2024?

Dr. Phil McGraw
TV personality Dr. Phil McGraw (credit: via Variety)

Want the scoop on McGraw Bank’s balance in 2024? Well, he’s sitting pretty with a net worth of $460 million. After wrapping up his deal with CBS Media Ventures, he’s looking back on over 25 years of daytime TV, where he helped millions tackle all sorts of problems.


McGraw’s journey to TV stardom started with earning his Master’s and PhD in psychology from the University of North Texas. After graduating in ’79, he spent years as a private therapist before launching his own company, CSI Courtroom Sciences, Inc., in ’90. It’s been quite the ride for Dr. Phil, and it looks like he’s not slowing down anytime soon!

How Did Dr. Phil McGraw Become Famous Or Start His Show?

Curious about how McGraw became famous and started his show? Well, a big part of his success is thanks to Oprah Winfrey, but his journey actually began way back.

McGraw started out working as a psychologist with his dad in Texas. Together, they even co-founded Pathways self-help seminars in 1985, scoring some cash when he sold his share six years later.


Then, in 1990, he teamed up with a lawyer to start Courtroom Sciences Inc. (CSI), a firm that did well, landing big clients like airlines and Fortune 500 companies. It was through this gig that he crossed paths with Winfrey.

She hired CSI in ’95 for a trial, and they hit it off. McGraw became a regular on her show, giving advice and winning over audiences. Fast forward to 2002, and he’s launching his own show, Dr. Phil, under Winfrey’s production company.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s Annual Earnings Over The Years

Dr. Phil McGraw
Dr. Phil McGraw (credit: Instagram: drphil)

McGraw pulled in a massive $95 million annually according to Forbes in 2019, snagging the title of highest-paid TV host. But in 2023, since he only aired for a month, the numbers likely took a dip.


Here’s a breakdown from various sources over the years: $80 million from Yahoo in Feb 2023, $80 million from Legit in Jan 2022, $65.5 million in May 2020, and a whopping $95 million in Oct 2019. Dr. Phil’s financial journey reflects his diverse career, not just in TV but also in other ventures. While his show’s a big earner, it’s not his only cash cow.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s Additional Sources Of Income

Apart from his TV gigs, McGraw has spread his money-making wings wide. He was in charge behind the scenes for the CBS hit show Bull, running for six seasons. While we don’t know his exact earnings from the show, one thing’s clear: The lead character isn’t based on him.

But that’s not all, Dr. Phil’s cash flow comes from podcasting, writing books, and producing other TV hits like Daily Mail TV and The Doctors. Plus, you might catch him popping up in other shows, like Scary Movie 4.


And it’s not just his hosting paycheck, he also pockets a share of the profits and has smart investments, like his company Stage 29 Productions, which brings in the big bucks. Dr. Phil’s not just a TV celeb; he’s also a savvy moneyman who’s built his fortune smartly.


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