Dragon Ball Theory: Gohan Beast is Secretly a Fusion of Trunks’ Strongest Super Saiyan Transformation With Gohan’s Ultimate Form

According to a theory, Gohan Beast is a mixture of his own Ultimate form with one contribution from Trunks.

Gohan and Trunks


  • A theory states that Gohan Beast is simply Gohan Ultimate mixed with Trunks Rage.
  • This fusion gives Gohan an extreme power-up along with the stability to keep it up without drag.
  • Gohan Beast could be the final power-up of Gohan to help him overtake Goku.
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The Beast form is the latest transformation in Gohan’s arsenal. It is a form unique to Gohan and Akira Toriyama even called it Final Gohan in the drafts. It is one of the few forms which have not been attained by his father, Goku, in Dragon Ball.


But Dragon Ball fans will admit that the form seems similar to other transformations. You could say that it feels like an amalgamation of a few previously seen forms.

Gohan Beast and its Origin in Dragon Ball

Beast Gohan in Dragon Ball
Beast Gohan | Toei

Gohan Beast came into being when Gohan witnessed Piccolo’s apparent death and transformed due to pure rage. In this form, he not only retaliated against Cell but also annihilated the Explosive Scream power along with his core.


At first, Gohan could not reign in this power, but as he kept training, he eventually learned to access the form without going berserk. In chapter 103 of Dragon Ball Super, he could use transform at will and was even able to beat Goku to an extent.

In this form, Gohan is ready to protect the universe and even take Goku’s place. While Gohan has always been strong, this new form enabled him to prove himself worthy. Even Beerus could not help but appreciate his power.

Gohan Beast is a Fusion of Two Super Powerful Forms

Future Trunks in Super Saiyan Rage form _ Dragon Ball
Future Trunks in Super Saiyan Rage form in Dragon Ball | Toei

According to a theory, Gohan’s Beast form is actually a fusion of Trunks’ Rage form and Ultimate Gohan. By now, you already know that Beast Gohan is fueled by rage, much like a lot of Super Saiyan forms are.


However, his transformation is closer to Trunks’ Rage state than anything. Future Trunks also achieved his Rage form once he realized that Goku Black and Zamasu were too strong. This made him realize how dire the situation was for the world, resulting in the Rage form.

After the transformation, Trunks was unstable and bristling with anger. This resembles Gohan Beast and how he first attained it. In fact, both forms are surrounded by a blue aura.

Gohan in Dragon Ball
Gohan in Dragon Ball | Toei

The next state that influenced Beast Gohan is his own Ultimate form. When using this form, Gohan can enable Super Saiyan 2’s powers while appearing in his normal state. In the form, Gohan does not have to face the lags of the SSJ 2 state. In fact, with Ultimate, Gohan could even achieve power levels similar to Super Saiyan 3, minus the disadvantages.


When you combine the stability of the Ultimate form with the Rage form, you are bound to get the humongous power of Future Trunks’ Rage along with the negative side cancellation of Ultimate Gohan.

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