Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Confirmed: Frieza Becomes God of Destruction, Goku Rematch Reveals Beerus Final Form

Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Confirmed: Frieza Becomes God of Destruction, Goku Rematch Reveals Beerus Final Form
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Dragon Ball first aired in 1986. Since then, it has become a cult anime. Not only anime fans but people who do not know about anime know about Goku and Super Saiyan. The latest show of the franchise was Dragon Ball Super. It was last aired in 2018. Since then, the DBZ fans have been waiting for the franchises to continue. They want to see more of Goku and his friends.


Recently, a piece of information was revealed that would send the Dragon Ball fans flying joyfully. After waiting for so many years, they will finally see their favorite anime characters return. Once again, fans can enjoy the over-dramatic yet legendary transformation of the characters. All of these will be available in the Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime.

Goku Will Return in Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime

DBZ will return to their beloved fans through Dragon Ball Kakumei. It has been confirmed that the manga will be adapted into an anime. The date has not been finalized yet. The new anime is not a part of the original franchise by Akira Toriyama. It is a fan-made doujinshi, which literally means a magazine made by the fans. @ReenkoDBK wrote the manga, and the animation will be done by @poissonlabo.

Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime - character design
Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime

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The story follows the happenings after the tournament of power in Dragon Ball Super. Android 17 won the contest and was granted one wish. He wished to restore all the universes. This restoration led to a lot of problems and some vast developments.



So, it may take longer for the anime to air than expected. The character designs are simple and based on the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie design. When asked, @ReenkoDBK and @poissonlabo said it would be difficult to make the characters more detailed without big sponsors. Whatever they have done till now is loved by the fans.

The New God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Kakumei

Dragon Ball Kakumei Doujinshi features a new God of Destruction – Frieza. He went on to learn Hakai, and through training, he became the God of Destruction of the 18th Universe in the 6th Multiverse. He was taught by Twist. Even though he hated Goku in the beginning, he later became their ally.

Frieza Will Become the New God of Destruction
Frieza Will Become the New God of Destruction

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Beerus Unlocks New Form

The best part of Dragon Ball Kakumei Doujinshi is that it will feature a rematch between Goku and Beerus. With his newfound Ultra Instinct, Goku would easily keep up with Beerus. After a long fight, Goku had the upper hand, and Beerus was at his limit. Just like a typical Dragon Ball transformation, Beerus would go through a transformation when he needed it the most. His inner potential helped him reach Infinity Instinct. This was a decisive moment, as Beerus defeated Goku yet again. Later, Beerus would achieve Omni Infinite Instinct, the most potent possible form till now.

Beerus vs Goku - Dragon Ball Kakumei Doujinshi
Beerus vs Goku

The doujinshi is made in French and will most likely be dubbed in French. The fans want the dub to happen in English, as it would reach a more vast audience. Moreover, neither Shueisha nor Tori Animation will be involved in the production. For the moment, it is yet to be seen when Dragon Ball Kakumei will start airing.

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