“Integral part of ensuring success”: Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero has Failed at the Bare Minimum of the Accuracy Required to do the Anime Justice

Any mistake's acceptable but this.

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  • Fusion dance was first introduced in Dragon Ball Z, that allows a couple or more warriors to become one.
  • Out of everything shown in the series, Fusion requires perfection or the funny consequences emerge.
  • Sparking Zero has released an entire trailer dedicated to fuse warriors but there's something off that fans noticed.
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While what appears on surface matter, what goes behind it matters more. Fusions in Dragon Ball are something that fans can watch over and over again. Fused warriors that come out of them are sure powerful, but only if they have danced it to perfection.


Fans are debating over an image shared over social media network Reddit that captures the moment before Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta. However, the fusion has gone wrong, which, if we consider the original anime, would result in a funny warrior rather than a handsome hunk.

That Was Simply a Glitch, And Dragon Ball Fans Know it

Gogeta, Kid Gohan, and Goku with a planetary hazard in the background.
Gogeta, Kid Gohan, and Goku with a planetary hazard in the background. Credits: Tech Starr on YouTube

Though not really strong as he should be, fused warrior Veku is certainly an interesting character born out of the failed Metamoran fusion between Vegeta and Goku. Fans spotted a similar incident in the upcoming Dragon Ball game. What follows should be a skinny, or maybe fat, warrior.


Goku and Vegeta did everything right, from singing fu-sion-ha to the movement, except for one thing. They missed the finger alignment. That was enough for many to fire questions over the feature.

Goku and Vegeta don’t touch fingers during the fusion dance
byu/Witty_Concept_9646 intenkaichi4

A fan was feeling jolly seeing this, as finger alignment is an integral part of the fusion.

byu/Witty_Concept_9646 from discussion

They did realize that it was nothing but a glitch but they still found it funny and kept enjoying the conversation.

byu/Witty_Concept_9646 from discussion

Such Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero conversations have been emerging on social media for a while now. Several fans are highlighting issues that they believe they should be attentive to.

Though what the fans discussed here is simply a glitch, there are things that certainly need immediate attention. One of them was simply a carryover from the game’s predecessor.

Fusions Have a Variety That Sure Deserves Attention

Character selection screen featuring Tien, Frieza, and Vegeta in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.
Character selection screen featuring Tien, Frieza, and Vegeta in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero. Credits: Tech Starr on YouTube

While many might already know this, for those who don’t, there have been several types of fusions featured in Dragon Ball, with Metamoran and Potara being the most popular.


There’s a Namekian fusion that we first saw during the Namek Saga, where Piccolo fuses with the dying Namek, Nail. He did the same with Kami when Earth was threatened by Dr. Gero’s androids.

And Fusions aren’t limited to just a couple of beings; there’s a Five-Way Fusion called Ultra Fusion that Ginyu Force does. However, the time limit for it remains even shorter than for the Motamoran Fusion.

More of such techniques have been mentioned in the universe, and many can be experienced in one single game dedicated to them, Dragon Ball Fusions.


Which of the several Fusions featured in Dragon Ball strikes you the most? We would like to know about them in the comments section down below.


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