Dragon Ball Super May Already Have a Character Potentially Stronger Than Zeno – It’s Not Goku

Dragon God, Zalama, has the powers to kill the Omni King, Zeno, in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super May Already Have a Character Potentially Stronger Than Zeno - It's Not Goku


  • The Supreme Ruler of the multiverses, Zeno, can erase multiverses within seconds, but he might not be the strongest anymore.
  • Zalama, the Dragon God, could surpass Zeno in terms of power since his Super Dragon Balls can summon Super Shenron, who can grant any wishes.
  • If someone wishes for Zeno's death, Super Shenron could grant their wish by killing Zeno, so it shows that Zalama could be stronger than Zeno.
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It has been more than four years since Dragon Ball Super ended. Even though the manga is ongoing to the present day, the anime abruptly ended after the Tournament of Power. The Tournament of Power arc was an interesting arc, considering it introduced several powerful characters all at once, and they faced each other.


Initially, people thought Beerus and Whis to be the strongest, but then came the Grand Priest and Zeno. Zeno is the ultimate ruler of all the multiverse and can destroy them within seconds. He is considered to be the strongest being in the franchise. But that might not be the case anymore since there is another mysterious individual who could potentially defeat him.

Dragon Ball Super Has a New Supreme Being

Grand Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)
Omni King – Zeno

During the Tournament of Power, Zeno erased several multiverses after all of their participants were eliminated. Even in the Black Goku arc, he destroyed the planet in future Trunks’ timeline. It gave the fans an idea of why Zeno was the Supreme Ruler and regarded as the Omni-King. But even after such vast accomplishments, he might still not get the title of the strongest.


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There is another being who can potentially defeat Zeno. That individual is Zalama, the Dragon God and the creator of the Super Dragon Balls. The Super Dragon Balls are as large as a planet, and once collected, they summon Super Shenron. Unlike Shenron, there is no limit to the extent of wishes that Super Shenron can fulfill.

super shenron - dragon ball super
Super Shenron

Fans believe since Super Shenron is so powerful, it could also kill Zeno if it is wished. So, Zalama is strong enough to create something that can kill Zeno. While Zalama remains a mysterious character, his powers have given rise to the thought that he is more potent than Zeno. If Zalama’s creation can destroy Zeno, then no one can fathom the true extent of his powers.


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Zalama Remains A Mystery For The Dragon Ball Fans

Zalama is a mysterious character and has only been mentioned a handful of times in Dragon Ball Super. It is confirmed that he possesses worldly powers since he is a God, but the extent of his powers is yet to be revealed. Akira Toriyama has joined Toyotaro for the Dragon Ball Super manga, so Zalama could be introduced soon.

super dragon balls
Super Dragon Balls

Zeno has proved himself to be Goku’s ally, which is rare in the franchise since every powerful being is introduced as a villain. It leaves Zalama to be the perfect foe for the Z Warriors. It might so happen that Zalama is too powerful for Goku and Vegeta to handle even in their Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego form, respectively.


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At that moment, Zeno might come to their aid, and the fans might get a showdown between the two of them. Zeno knows the true extent of the Super Dragon Balls, and as a result, he keeps them in check. It leaves a gap that Zalama’s Super Dragon Balls might have the powers to kill Zeno. For the moment, it remains a fan theory, and nothing can be confirmed until Zalama is introduced.

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