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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Bags Best Global Opening in Anime History Despite Bad FanReviews

Tetsuro Kodama’s Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero had its worldwide release just a few days back, and it couldn’t have been doing better. The action-adventure movie has been making the rounds in anime forums and websites, which is bound to happen since it’s a Dragon Ball production, one of the first popular anime franchises.

But it seems like hardcore fans of the Dragon Ball Super series have not been liking the new movie as much as the critics are. Despite all the pessimism from fans, the show holds a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which surely says something, and on another note, the movie is doing spectacularly well in the box office.

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The Numbers In The Box Office For The New Dragon Ball Super Movie Are Massive

Toei Animation and Tetsuro Kodama have done a mesmerizing job with the new movie, which includes all the nostalgic effects and clean-cut fighting scenes for everyone, and anyone who hasn’t kept up with the franchise in God knows how many years.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a somewhat a trip down memory lane, and that’s exactly why it’s selling very well in the box office, which is putting it lightly. The movie is set to have the best ever global opening in a box office for an anime movie in history!

Ever since its release this Friday, it has amassed a whopping $10.7 million in the domestic box office, and is setting its sights on a $20 million, which I’m pretty sure will be a piece of cake for the movie.

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Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super To Be on Extended Hiatus

The Granolah the Survivor arc is finally over, and what’s next for the series depends entirely on the new Frieza’s intentions after that intense last chapter. Officially, though, Dragon Ball Super is set to go on an extended hiatus to get ready for whatever surprises we’ll be getting in the next arc.

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Granolah in the manga

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For those who have no idea about when the next arc will arrive, It’s been revealed earlier this year that the next arc is supposed to release sometime next year.

We have no idea how long this hiatus is going to go on for, but let’s hope it ends soon.

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