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Dragon Ball Super-Villains That Bit The Dust Because Of The Power Of Friendship

Dragon Ball Super Villains That Bit The Dust Because Of The Power Of Friendship

Well, we all are in love with our favorite Goku’s fighting skills in Dragon Ball Z. But, what is more overwhelming is the bond Z fighters share. While the story revolves around our main protagonist Goku, it doesn’t fail to highlight the fact that only a protagonist is not enough. Thus, he needs a team too. So, then they team up to defeat the supervillain and the ultimate threat to the world. With similar goals and a solid friendship to back it up, there is no villain that this gang cannot defeat. After all, it’s Dragon Ball Z we are talking about, and the villains are as ultimate as the hero himself.

Raditz was defeated by Piccolo and Goku together: Well, Raditz appeared as a real threat with so much power that Goku seemed a lot less powerful in front of him. With him having power three times the power of Goku, it was evident that Goku wasn’t enough to bash him up. In the end, we see that Goku finds a way through this too and locks him into a full nelson and dodges Piccolo’s special beam cannon and bashes him to dust.

Raditz defeated by Vegeta and Goku
Raditz was seriously a threat to all.

It took Every Dragon Ball Z member to take down Vegeta: We all have seen Goku fighting Vegeta alone, but what we haven’t realized is that it wasn’t only Goku in the fight. When all his energy was drained, and he didn’t have any chance against Vegeta, other Dragon Ball Z members backed him up. Yajirobe went on and cut his tail. Gohan turned into a giant and exhausted Vegeta, finishing Vegeta by a spirit bomb in the end. To sum up, defeating Vegeta was pure teamwork.  

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Ginyu took over Goku’s Body: Ginyu took over Goku’s body after his own body was weakened by injuries. Although he had Goku’s body, it was worthless as he didn’t know how to use Goku’s full strength. However, Ginyu would have remained in Goku’s body if Vegeta hadn’t beaten him up to swap back into his own weakened form.  

Ginyu takes over Goku's Body
No doubt Ginyu has his body but he could not take his powers.

Majin Buu was defeated by Goku and Vegeta: Majin Buu transformed into various states after he was finally defeated. From Evil Buu, he transformed into Super Buu and then Kid Buu, ultimately turning weaker and weaker. While Vegeta was fighting Buu, Goku gathered up the energy of the earth to defeat Buu. Clearly, it was Vegeta and Goku teaming up to defeat Buu. Not only Vegeta and Goku, Hercule played his part too and helped Goku persuade the people of the earth to give their energies to Goku.

Evil Majin Buu taken down by Goku and Vegeta
Goku couldn’t have done anything without Vegeta

Whis turns back time to give Goku and Vegeta another shot on Freiza. Freiza was much more powerful when he came back in his Golden form. As a result, Goku really struggled to win him over. However, when his power wore off, Vegeta stepped up and gave him a beating, ultimately defeating him. But none of them knew about the backup plan Freiza had of blowing up the entire planet, but thanks to Whis. He rewound time, and Goku uses Kamehameha this time to finish Freiza off.

Freiza is back.
Freiza is back and is much stronger than before.

So the concluding remarks are that Dragon Ball Z is a team effort and not only Goku flaunting off his powers. Unlike popular belief, Dragon Ball Z is not only about our hero but his team as well.  

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