Dragon Ball Theory: Fusing With Goku Has Made Vegeta a Better Fighter

Vegeta might have never changed to become a positive character had he not fused with Goku.

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  • A theory claims that Vegeta's transformation to become a positive character began once he fused with Goku.
  • As Vegeta and Goku became Vegito, Vegeta saw Goku's emotions and empathy as well as his trainings.
  • This in turn made Vegeta realize how he could be stronger and better suited on Earth.
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If Dragon Ball was a K-drama, Vegeta would be the second male lead in it. The poor guy gets nerfed every other day and as if that’s not enough, most of his matches are eventually entrusted to Goku.


Still, he lives to fight another day and, in the process, gets more and more powerful with each passing episode/chapter. But the Vegeta you see today wasn’t always an understanding man and husband, as he was initially a Saiyan brute who cared for no one.

So how did he change? This, too, could be due to Goku.


Vegeta’s Fusion With Goku Changed Him for the Better

Vegeta's Super Saiyan 2 Enraged _ Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 2 Enraged | Dragon Ball Z | Toei

When introduced in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta was a ruthless Saiyan who only knew destruction. While he was a bitter person while serving under Frieza, once he settled down on Earth his nature slowly began to change.

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Dragon Ball Spoiler Ahead

Yes, Vegeta is still arrogant, but he is no longer unreasonable. He fell in love with Bulma and began a family. So how did the sudden change begin and when did Vegeta realize he could change for the better?

A theory explains that it was Vegeta’s fusion with Goku that helped him realize what he was missing out on. Vegeta’s first fusion with Goku was Vegeto. It was a move they had to attempt out of desperation in the Majin Buu saga.

Vegito - Dragon Ball Universe
Vegito – Dragon Ball Universe | Toei

The resulting fusion was temporary but during the time as a single individual, Vegeta must have gotten a good look at Goku’s mind. Goku grew up on Earth and while he faced many cruel enemies, he also made lifelong friends long the way. He is surrounded by supportive people, something Vegeta had never experienced before, be it on Planet Vegeta or under Frieza’s command.

Maybe he also realized that Goku is a better fighter due to his willingness to train with others and never underestimating anyone. Goku always gives his best in fights, no matter who the opponent is, and it could have changed Vegeta’s perspective on respecting others.

Staying on Earth Improved Vegeta’s Strength in Dragon Ball

Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball
Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball | Toei

Not only did Vegeta see Goku’s version of the truth during their fusion, he also realized that staying on Earth in a positive enviornment is actually conducive to his strength. In an interview, Akira Toriyama himself admitted that the factors that increase the S-Cells in Saiyans include having a gentle spirit.


Having a gentle spirit in a hostile planet like that of the Saiyans would be a sure-fire way to get anyone crushed. But on Earth, Vegeta finally had the chance to develop strength far beyond what he had already cultivated.

When Vegeta peeked inside Goku’s mind in the Vegito state, he must have noticed how the latter was empathetic and it powered his transformations. So once Vegeta realized that being a supreme brat would only do him harm, he began to change for the better.

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