‘Adesanya Won’t Win Now’: MMA Fans Claim Drake Curse is Real, Demand He Revoke $1M Bet

Israel Adesanya recently shared a post of him talking to Drake on a video call. The MMA star will defend his title, Middleweight, from Jared Cannonier this Sunday, July 3, in Las Vegas at the UFC 276. The 32-year-old fighter is one of the most popular on the roster. Apart from that, he is also the ambassador of the online casino, stake.com. The Canadian singer, Drake, too, was sponsored by the same betting company. The singer had called the fighter to wish him luck and let him know that he bet $1 Million on him for the upcoming fight. The fans do not seem happy about it.

Drake bets on fighter Israel Adesanya
Drake bets on fighter Israel Adesanya

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Drake bet $1 Million on MMA star Adesanya

The MMA fighter, who has garnered a huge fanbase over the years, is fighting the match to keep his title of UFC Middleweight Champion on Sunday. He is skilled in kickboxing and martial arts. He is also regarded as the best striker in mixed martial arts. He was a former boxer but currently is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Drake wishes luck to the UFC Middleweight Champion
Drake wishes luck to the UFC Middleweight Champion

In a recent video, the rapper shared the news with the UFC fighter that he has placed a bet on him worth a million. The conversation in the video went something like this:

Drake said: “Bro, I already know what time it is. You know, I put a light million up.”

Adesanya replied: “Light mil?”

Drake added: “A light mill. I had to put a light mil on my brother. Return on investment is a lock.”

The rapper even said that he admired the fighter and wants to wish him luck, and the latter was touched by it. He replied, “You’re giving me chills right now brother I appreciate that as a fellow empath and a rake himself I really appreciate that so you’re the f***ing man.” Drake seemed confident in the fighter.

Fans are not happy with it, talk about Drake’s Curse

Fans fear the fighter might be a victim of Drake's Curse
Fans fear the fighter might be a victim of Drake’s Curse

After the video went viral, a number of fans expressed their concern. They are worried that the fighter might lose now as Drake’s Curse is a real thing. Some fear that Adesanya is the next prey of the curse.

Check out some of the tweets below.

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As the fight is quite crucial for the UFC fighter, fans do not want their favorite to lose. If he does, he would also lose the title of Middleweight in the Championship. Many have even asked Drake to revoke his bet. Drake has a record of never winning an MMA bet.

Source: USA Today Sports / Twitter

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