Drive Christian Bale’s Batmobile ‘The Tumbler’ in Real Life – The Price Will Give You a Panic Attack

The Batmobile Christian Bale sported in 'The Dark Knight' trilogy has finally been recreated -- at an insanely enormous price!

Drive Christian Bale's Batmobile 'The Tumbler' in Real Life - The Price Will Give You a Panic Attack


  • Christian Bale's 'The Tumbler' has been recreated into an almost exact replica.
  • This replica has been built in Florida by Parker Brothers and cost £1 million, or $1,270,135, to be precise.
  • It weighs approximately 2.5 tonnes and "is wider than a truck" with a 6.2-liter V8 engine that develops around 400bhp, giving it a top speed of 100mph.
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Christian Bale’s version of Batman in the Christopher Nolan-helmed The Dark Knight film trilogy was more than just appreciated, both by fans and critics.


Besides the spectacular storyline and Bale’s absolutely splendid performance in all three of the movies, if there was anything that fans were totally geeked up for, it was the sophisticated gadgets and vehicles that the superhero sported around. Like his version of the Batmobile, for instance.

Christian Bale's Batman standing by his Batsuit
Christian Bale’s Batman standing by his Batsuit

While that specific version of the Batmobile called ‘The Tumbler’ or ‘The Batman Tumbler’ that Christian Bale drove around stole hearts on the big screens back in the early 2010s, now fans have a chance to try their hands at it in reality with a newly created replica!


But while getting your hands on it in real life is possible, it doesn’t come without a heavy price — one that is more than capable of even giving you a panic attack.

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Christian Bale’s Tumbler Batmobile Replica Is Insanely High Priced

Team Galag's version of 'The Tumbler' (@teamgalag | IG)
Team Galag’s version of ‘The Tumbler’ (@teamgalag | IG)

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One major reason why fans and critics massively commended Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight films series trilogy was because of all the spectacularly created vehicles Christian Bale was seen playing around with.

Notably, there were 3 in particular in this film series, namely his car (or Batmobile), which is called ‘The Tumbler’; his bike, which is called the ‘Batpod’; and lastly, his epic plane, which is simply referred to as the ‘Bat’.

Out of these three, one has found its way to be created into a near-exact replica road legal version: Batman’s Batmobile, i.e. The Tumbler.


As shared by Daily Mail, several wealthy men from Team Galag created their very own version of the ultimate hyped supercar for the infamous Gumball 3000 rally. This replica was built in Florida by Parker Brothers and cost £1 million, i.e. $1,270,135 to be exact for the same.

This road-legal version of the Tumbler weighed approximately 2.5 tonnes and “is wider than a truck” with a 6.2-liter V8 engine that develops around 400bhp, giving the near-exact replica of the Batmobile a top speed of 100mph.

Well, at least The Dark Knight fans will finally get the chance to see their dream car that Christian Bale rocked the streets of Gotham in for real even if they’re not able to buy it!


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Christian Bale’s Batman Tumbler Actually A Real, Working Vehicle

Christian Bale's Batmobile 'The Tumbler' in The Dark Knight Trilogy
Christian Bale’s Batmobile ‘The Tumbler’ in The Dark Knight Trilogy

For those who don’t know, the Tumbler that was seen running the streets of Gotham in The Dark Knight trilogy was actually created in real life, as reported by Leith Cars. In fact, the car even ran on the streets for real, “making jumps and reaching 90 MPH for the action-adventure movies.”

As per the source, there were a total of seven vehicles just for the film series. Each one of these vehicles served its own, unique, and different purpose from the other, with every single piece of it built from scratch.


What’s even more exciting is the fact that the Batmobile even had an outstanding exhaust note and sounded as powerful (if not more) as it did onscreen. Then there was its speed and acceleration, which was in real life just as it was shown in the films.

All in all, while those seven vehicles were created to be sported in Christian Bale’s Batman movies, this time, creators stepped even further to make the exotic car as perfect and the same as was realistically possible, making Batman fans’ heartiest desires come true.

As for the The Dark Knight trilogy, you can stream it on Netflix.


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