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‘Dude really made Metal Gear and thinks becoming an AI is a good idea’: Legendary Game Designer Hideo Kojima Plans To Become an AI, Achieve Immortality

Legendary Game Designer Hideo Kojima Plans To Become an AI, Achieve Immortality

If you ask about a visionary in the video games industry that has a large influence over the populace of gamers, then you are bound to hear the name of Hideo Kojima. Popularly known for his record-breaking video game series Metal Gear Solid and standalone spin-off Metal Gear Rising, the creator has become a high-profile name in the industry, inspiring many other creators along the way.

Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima

Focusing mainly on the action/adventure genre of video games with a major focus on technology and cybernetic augmentations to the human body in the near future, Kojima had shown that he is a vivid imagination about the possibilities that evolving inventions in the field can unlock for humanity. And if making his obsession known through his games wasn’t enough, he has taken a step further to tell the world his plan to become immortal through the same technology.

Hideo Kojima Wants To Become An Immortal AI!

Hideo Kojima inside Kojima Productions HQ
Hideo Kojima inside Kojima Productions HQ

Before leaving Konami and starting his independent game studio Kojima Productions in 2015, the creator was revered in the gaming community for creating the fan-favorite and critically acclaimed Metal Gear video game series. The video game focused on what the true influence technology and the internet had on the wider narrative of the world’s future. And in typical Kojima fashion, it was executed with the utmost perfection.

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But now, the creator wants to live in the world that he has created within his video games. According to Kojima, he would love to see how the world turns out in a couple of years. Being a big fan of cyberpunk and dystopian films, he has always been eager to see the future, and thus, he wants to transfer his conscience into an AI algorithm, which will perpetually make him an immortal sentient being on the internet.

Of course, Twitter users who are fans of the director and his games were quick to point out that this isn’t too far from what Kojima’s nature is and what he tries to depict with his works.

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What’s Next For Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus
Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus

After starting his own game studio, the first game was developed by the independent Kojima Productions Co. Ltd. was 2019’s Death Stranding. the video game was a total hit with the player base boasting a star cast including Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and many other names within the industry. After the smashing success of the first game, PlayStation has revealed the trailer for the sequel, which will continue from where the 1st game left off, and if it is anything like the first, Death Stranding 2 will be something to look forward to.

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Death Stranding 2, available in 2024.

Source: @thegameawards

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