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“Dude, you hulked out”: Henry Cavill Revealed He Got So Ripped During Man of Steel That His Muscles Literally Tore Through the Superman Suit

henry cavill man of steel

Henry Cavill has regularly been the topic of debates and discussions that range from whether he’ll be coming back to the DCEU or if there can ever be a better rendition of Superman than his and Snyder’s version. Even though the answer to all those speculations remains wavering, the assurance lies in the fact that the actor worked himself to the bone making the DC universe character come alive on screen.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill Recalls the Superman Suit Fiasco

DCEU’s Man of Steel is once in a lifetime experience. The sheer brilliance encapsulated within the 143 minutes of runtime is defined by its scope, the scale of the director’s vision, and the perfect execution of its cast. The experience then only magnifies itself when combined with its successive plots. But it all began with Henry Cavill in the red and blue Superman suit.

Man of Steel (2013)
Man of Steel (2013)

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During an interview with the film critic website Rotten Tomatoes, the actor was reminded of a particular incident that in itself tells the audience about the amount of effort and training that went into the actor’s transcendence into the role of the Kryptonian superhero. Due to the gained muscle mass in the months leading up to the shooting of Man of Steel, Cavill had barely been able to fit into his suit before it was torn apart at the seams.

Actors Going the Distance For Their Superhero Roles

Henry Cavill’s Superman suit fiasco is not the only time that demonstrated how far an actor is willing to go for making their dedication known. The superhero movie industry has been booming in the past decade or so and it makes every upcoming project compete with its predecessor in bringing something new to the table. The rules apply to the actors as well as they have been known to stretch themselves to extraordinary lengths while prepping for a role, whether superheroic or not.

Henry Cavill in the iconic black Superman suit
Henry Cavill in the iconic black Superman suit

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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