Dune: Awakening Fans are Already Worried after Conan Exiles Proves Developers Funcom May Not Have Learned 1 Lesson

Funcom's notoriety is coming back to haunt them.

Dune: Awakening Fans are Already Worried after Conan Exiles Proves Developers Funcom May Not Have Learned 1 Lesson


  • Funcom is a developer and publisher that is known for developing MMO titles and has been around since 1994.
  • Dune Awakening is an upcoming game, which is being developed by the studio but fans are worried because of Funcom's terrible track record with game updates.
  • In the past, Funcom has released updates for its games that have broken it further and fans think the upcoming Dune game won't be an exception.
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Dune: Awakening is an upcoming MMO Survival title that doesn’t have a concrete release date yet. However, fans are hyped about the title, especially after the franchise’s newfound popularity after the 2024 movie came out and was well-received.


The game is being developed by Funcom, a developer mainly known for creating MMORPG titles and has developed popular games. However, fans looking forward to the upcoming MMO Survival title are skeptical of the developer as it is notorious for pushing updates that degrade the player experience.

Conan Exiles’ latest update removes UI/UX features

The upcoming Dune game should learn from the studio's mistakes with its 2018 MMO title.
The upcoming Dune game should learn from the studio’s mistakes with its 2018 MMO title.

The developer has been responsible for many MMORPG titles and has developed and published various titles. In 2018, the studio developed and published Conan Exiles, a survival video game with mixed reviews.


However, the game had its loyal fanbase until the studio pushed an update that left players livid and disappointed. As a result, many players abandoned the game, and one such player took to the upcoming game’s subreddit to make other gamers aware of the developer studio’s history of sabotaging their titles.

The player wrote the following in a Reddit post, and the post gained some traction, too:

Another user posted their grievances regarding the update pushed for the game in its subreddit, and people seemed to nod. One key takeaway from the post is that critical features related to the game’s UI and UX are being removed:


It is unclear what fate has in store for the upcoming game, especially since there isn’t even a release date that is fixed for it. But it makes sense to ask why a company with so much experience is so inefficient with updates.

The studio’s track record with updates might make fans skeptical of Dune: Awakening

The studio has been around for three decades.
The studio has been around for three decades.

The developer and publisher have been in the industry since 1994. Even games over 20 years old, like Anarchy Online, are listed among titles with a fate similar to a game that came out in 2018. What’s worse is that one can find dozens of posts, if not more, with people talking about how their favorite game was ruined by its developer.

As a result, people are giving up on titles from this studio even before they launch:


The areas of improvement include not just updates that ruin a game’s functioning but also inefficient and justifiable servers. The only thing players can do, besides raising tickets is vote with their wallets and not preorder titles.

The only bright side to this is that when the studio is taking its time with the upcoming title, the responsibility is somewhat higher due to the mainstream relevance of the IP. After all, the game is also reported to feature characters from the two popular movies.

What do you think of the following? Do you think the studio’s upcoming title will follow the same trend, or will they switch things up and not make the same mistake again? Let us know in the comment section below!


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