Dune: Awakening Won’t Lock You Out of Certain Abilities or Talents No Matter the Faction You Join

You are going to have fun building your character.

Dune Awakening


  • Unlike traditional MMOs, Dune: Awakening allows players to combine skills from different classes.
  • The game's progression is influenced by selecting a birth planet, caste, and mentor.
  • Players can fully customise their characters' appearances, including height, hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, and body proportions.
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The latest livestream from Funcom has revealed more Dune: Awakening gameplay. Fans got a deeper look into the character customisation and narrative of the overall game. However, how the class system works in the game certainly stood out.


Joining the right faction will dictate how you progress in the game and what abilities you acquire. However, unlike most games, where you are usually locked into a class upon picking one, in Dune: Awakening, you will have the ability to combine skills from different classes.

The Game Will Let Players Create Their Own Playstyle

Dune: Awakening allows player to learn abilities from different classes
Dune: Awakening allows players to learn abilities from different classes.

The game is an MMO with several classes that players can choose from at the start of their journey. Usually, with MMOs, once you are locked in a class, you cannot change it in mid-game unless there is a feature to do so. Thankfully, it will allow players to cross-build using abilities, as confirmed in the recent livestream.


After creating their character in the game, players will have to select their birth planet. The selected planet will determine the character’s background in the game. This will be followed by an option to select the caste, which highlights where the character belongs in the hierarchy.

The last attribute players will have to select their character’s mentor. This is where class comes into play, as the mentor chosen will train the character with specific skills. Although players will initially start their playthrough with their mentor’s taught ability, they can later learn different ones by finding more mentors.

The ability to combine different abilities using different mentors opens up a whole new world of customization. Players can specifically tailor their character according to their playstyle and how they want to progress. Furthermore, it leaves room for change if the ability selected at the start of the game doesn’t fit the desired play style.


Dune: Awakening Offers Deep Customisation

Dune: Awakening will allow players to set Vitiligo
Dune: Awakening will allow players to set Vitiligo.

Not only classes but also a player’s visual can be customised according to liking in Dune: Awakening. At the start of the journey, players will be given the option to build their character from scratch, and customization isn’t limited to the basics.

From height to haircut, players will have complete control of what their character looks like. This also includes setting heye color, adjusting skin tone, choosing the eyes, and assigning the thickness to arms/legs.

The most notable feature of the character-creation system is the vitiligo slider. This feature adds a new dimension to the whole system and makes the game more inclusive. It’s also a sign that character creation has become more diverse in the past few years.


Overall, the developers certainly put a lot of effort into the character creation feature, and it shows. What do you think about the ability to cross-build using different factions? Furthermore, is the character creation too complex? Let us know in the comments below.


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