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Dune: Biggest Questions Only A Sequel Can Answer

The first movie, which just hit the theatres, has a screen duration of almost two and a half hours. Still, it barely covers half of the original story from the book—showing us an extravagant depth of each character and laying a solid foundation of the storyline. Now, since it gave away only a little bit of the story, it has left fans with questions that only the sequel can answer. Here are some of the questions.

Who Else Survived The Attack On House Atreides?: When Harkonnens attack the House Atreides and lays carnage with the help of Emperor, many men meet with their ends. However, Duncan, Idaho, manages to survive and helps others make it back to safety. The source material tells us that Gurney Halek and Thifur Hawat survive the fall. However, Halleck becomes a disillusioned smuggler, and Hawat becomes the replacement for Piter De Vries, who died not that long ago.

The Entire History Of Dune's House Atreides


Is There More To Dr.Kyne?: Dr. Kynes is portrayed as a female character in the film; however, the character was originally male in the novel. She has an exciting personality as she clarifies that she supports the opposing side, while her allegiance lies with the Emperor. The book shows that she has a double persona, which is apparent in the film. However, one of the key aspects missing from the film is her backstory and her child Chani who doesn’t appear until the end. Her backstory from what caused her to become a half-Frenchman should come out in the sequel.

Liet-Kynes will be a black woman in the new Dune movie - 9GAG
Dr. Kynes and the emperor


What About The Missing Emperor?: A central character is missing from the entire film, which puts the whole movie in motion. The Padishah Emperor, Shaddam IV, is absent from the whole movie.  Even his daughter, Princess Irulan, is nowhere to be found. They could thicken the plot by explaining a good origin story.

Soldiers in Dune 2021
The great army

What Will Be The Conclusion For Leto And Jessica?: Duke Leto and Jessica have a loving relationship, but it’s always been a problem why they didn’t marry each other. In the film, they share a romantic moment when Jack’s walls were closing down on him because of the coming attack, and he confesses how he feels about Jessica and always regretted not marrying her in the first place. Unfortunately, their story is not a significant subplot but could’ve been one as they shared such a deep, rich, and passionate love affair. Instead, it leaves the viewers unsatisfied with a lot of questions.

Oscar Isaac Goodies — Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson in DUNE...
The love buds in the movie

Will The Sequel Even Come Out?: The most anticipated question is that we will even get a sequel to answer all our queries. If they follow the book, which is in two parts, but with the first movie coming out and showing us less than half of what it was in book one, there will likely be a couple of movies coming out to finish the trilogy, hopefully.

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The great house members

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