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Dune: Hilarious Fan Reactions Every Fan Must See (& Laugh At)

Dune has finally debuted! It was a much-awaited and anticipated event. The sci-fi has just been released in theatres as well as on HBO Max. And despite the short time frame, fan reactions and jokes are already coming in. And so are the hilariously on-target jokes. These are some of the most hilarious and accurate jokes and fan reactions till now.

Spoilers Without Context!

An actual scene from Dune!

This is my reaction after watching the movie. And of course on learning that PT. 2 is not confirmed!

Dune: The Baron.

Rebecca Fergusson’s use of mind control in the movie! What did you think of that?

Another Dune Spoiler without context.

Jason Momoa sneaked his own meme into movie. Haha!!

Sandworm in the movie looks very much like the cone in the meme! And Hans Zimmer says-

New Sounding Sci-fi Soundtrack! Beat this!

Explaining the movie via memes. Does this seem to be better explanation? We think so too.

The Three Phases Of Jason Momoa’s Facial Hair In the Movie! Let’s take a moment to appreciate this guy.

The real star of the movie!!

Timotee Chalamet as Paul Atreides. He is undoubtedly one of the best cast of the movie. He is full of incredible potential.

The movie’s plot, cinematography, and of course, the cast in stunning. Go, watch it! Watch it now!!

Eating spice and dreaming of Zendaya. Would you go to the same extent?


Leaving the Cinema after watching Dune be like:

Zendaya – In The Movie – For Seven Minutes only! Well, obviously, everyone would want to see more of such a brilliant actor.

The last 20 minutes of the movie. We bet this was everyone’s reaction, wasn’t it?


The fans’ reactions to the movie were astute, on point as well as hilarious. They leave us waiting, watching out, and asking for more of the same.

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