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Will We See Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill Fight in Black Adam?

Hollywood is brimming with many talents that we’d like to see in superhero movies. But Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the one name that fans have been dying to see since forever. His jacked up physique and experience in hard-core action and adventure movies deem him the perfect candidate for a superhero. After a long wait, The Rock is finally answering his fandom’s demand by playing the DC anti-hero, Black Adam.

For some, he is a villain while others would debate and call him a hero and a saviour. Black Adam is going to elevate the game in the DC universe. Co-produced by Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions, New Line Cinemas and DC Films, Black Adam is set to release in 2022. The president of Seven Bucks, Hiram Garcia states that the team is deeply invested in crafting a realistic and raw storyline. In order to highlight Black Adam’s relationship with justice, things are going to turn pretty intense for the characters. According to him, the movie will follow Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy approach where happy endings came at great costs. People’s lives will be at stake, with several characters will not be making it to the end of the film.

When asked about the film’s connection to the DC Extended Universe, Garcia confirmed that the story takes place in the same universe as Shazam!. However, he filtered a lot of information, without giving away anything on its links with DCEU, Flash or Batman.

DC fans know that the anti-hero is a former slave from Kahndaq. He earned his powers from the same wizard Shazam but ended up being in confinement for 5,000 years after misusing his abilities. Though the plot is still under the wraps, Garcia added that fans would feel the DCEU vibe regardless of which universe it takes place. 

Black Adam and Superman

Several speculations suggest that Black Adam’s strengths will be at par with that of Superman. Additionally, if we go some time back, Dwayne Johnson had teased that his character would eventually confront Supes. Considering the star power of The Rock and Henry Cavill, fans are eager to see these actors fight each other on-screen. When asked about The Rock’s comment, Henry said that there were works to bring the two heroes together. Garcia also contributed to this speculation by admitting that the team was trying its best to turn the fans’ wish into reality. Even if Superman and Black Adam share the screen, we don’t know if it will feature Henry Cavill. So far, there’s no confirmation or plans from the actor’s end of reprising his Kryptonian role. 

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Written by Ipshita Barua