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Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill Turning Enemies After Man of Steel Star Fired The Rock’s Ex-Wife Reportedly False, Dany Garcia Still Remains a Strategic Adviser to Cavill

Dwayne-Johnson Henry-Cavill

Henry Cavill’s stay in DC has covered the expanse of the past decade, beginning in 2013 when the British actor appeared in Zack Snyder’s Superman origin film, Man of Steel. The period spanning the golden era of the DC Extended Universe has since then been a harbinger of both joy and tragedy, celebration and contention, and success and controversy.

The legacy-bearing narrative of that universe held within the peripheries of DC has since then been both present and absent from the mainstream continuity and continues to remain so, at least as far as Ezra Miller is concerned. But, when it comes to Henry Cavill, things are more complicated than not.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill Is Done Being Pushed Around DC’s Chessboard

The Man of Steel actor is not the only Hollywood A-lister who stepped into 2022 with grand ambition but had little or nothing to show for by the time the year reached its chaotic and unruly end. Cavill’s resume was filled with big-budget, franchise-helming projects that not only failed to extend for another lap at the industry, but were quick to announce the confirmation of recasts, whether it be Superman or Geralt.

Henry Cavill's Superman breathes his last at DC
Henry Cavill’s Superman breathes his last at DC

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Since then, several news has flooded the internet and mainstream media that now seek to establish one fact above all else – Henry Cavill is tired of being the pawn in everyone else’s stories. The Brit has molded, strained, extended, and pushed himself hard to metamorphose into every role that he has stepped in to play. The walking encyclopedia of all things nerdy, Cavill’s dream no longer serves to invest years of his life into a project that eventually takes him nowhere. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. actor has taken control of his vision and ambition and streamlined the two into the Warhammer 40,000 live-action project.

But alongside the productive output that the actor has announced in the upcoming future, there have been changes in the structures that have supported him over the past decade, one of which includes parting ways with his former agent, Dany Garcia, who also happens to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s former wife and current agent.

Henry Cavill Still Employs Dany Garcia as Strategic Adviser

It is very rare for an actor as huge among the industry’s ranks as Henry Cavill to stay for long without an agent under their employ. According to a Variety report, however, The Witcher actor has decided to part ways with his now-former agent, Dany Garcia, after a successful decade-long run in Hollywood. The recently published report which brings quite a few facts to the light claims about the Cavill-Garcia separation, “a source says it was unrelated to the DC drama and she remains a strategic adviser to the actor.”

Dany Garcia and The Rock
Dany Garcia and The Rock

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Several fan theories claimed that the split has been the result of The Rock strong-arming the Superman actor in the Black Adam story, in an attempt to establish a stronghold over the shifting power hierarchies within DC. Those claims were quickly stamped down as false, as Garcia still very much remains a trusted adviser to Henry Cavill, as the actor proceeds to take the formative steps toward building out his Warhammer Cinematic Universe.

Source: Variety

Written by Diya Majumdar

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