“Don’t try to tell me what I can or can’t do”- Dwayne Johnson Promises to Bring Much Needed Change in WB and DC Universe With Black Adam

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It’s not news that Dwayne Johnson has been engaged in promoting his upcoming film, The Black Adam. The actor is continuously reminding people of how great the movie and the character of Black Adam will be. Seeing his excitement for the film, many even called out the actor and told him to overhype the film, but The Rock is not stopping anytime soon.

Dwayne Johnson promises to change the fate of DC
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Recently the actor once again shared a post on his Instagram, which might be his way o telling them not to tell him what to do and what not. The picture in the post consists of a diary, a pen, and most probably his phone. The blurred background of the photo also seems to have The Black Adam toys merchandise.

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Dwayne Johnson Coming up With his Own Rules

Describing the post Dwayne Johnson wrote, “When I’m not thinking about inappropriate jokes- I’m a very diligent note taker as I find I can absorb all ideas that way.”

Further, he said that throughout his 3 hours of marketing/distribution meeting for Black Adam, he came up with the final two lines, which are, “Dominate the culture,” and “He doesn’t play by the rules.”

Dwayne Johnson’s Recent Post on Instagram

He went on to say, “I Believe strongly in whatever culture you’re in, be passionate about it, respect it, and dominate it.” The actor further mentioned how he never likes to play by the rules and comes up with his own in a way that benefits everyone. 


More supposedly referring to the people who have been calling him out for being overhyped about The Black Adam, he wrote, “Don’t try and box me in or tell me I can’t do something.” He also mentioned that one thing that hasn’t been done till now is because “we haven’t been able to figure out the strategic way to get it done.”

Dwayne Johnson to Change the DC Universe

Dwayne Johnson, who has had a number of blockbusters and is known for his characters in the Fast and Furious Franchise, Jumanji, and now The Black Adam, has made claims ever since 2020 that The Black Adam will change the DCEU. 

Dwayne Johnson even challenged Superman and other DC heroes. He also shared a post working out in the gym, wearing a hoodie that said, “The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.” 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will portray the role of Black Adam.
Black Adam

Many DC fans did not take the statement lightly and started calling out the actor for being too hyped about the movie. They started commenting that Johnson need to calm down a bit and said that the actor sees DC like his wrestling ring.

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Why Everyone is so excited about The Black Adam?

The Black Adam is not only introduced to the anti-hero but is also bringing the Justice Society of America to the big screen for the first time in the DCEU. The idea for a Black Adam movie was first introduced in 2006, and it has been under production ever since. Dwayne Johnson considers this perfect timing to introduce the character to the world. 

Zack Snyder Henry Cavill
Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill

With 15 years of work in the movie, Dwayne Johnson truly believes that The Black Adam is the change that DC needs right now. The hype for The Black Adam reached even higher when reports came out that Henry Cavill has been seen filming a scene for the movie in England. The actor was in his Man Of Steel, Superman dress and is most likely to appear in the post-credit scene of The Black Adam.

Black Adam Appearance in Future DC Movies

This can hint toward a future movie with two characters coming face to face. There are also claims that Black Adam who originally was supposed to be introduced with Shazam, will appear in a movie against the superhero similar to himself. 

Dwayne Johnson also hinted toward future movies saying that Black Adam and DC superheroes will meet and meeting does not mean they will sit, have a coffee, and chat. They will come face to face ready to take on the other one.

Dwayne Johnson hypes Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate
Dwayne Johnson

The movie is not only important for the actor but is also a very important release for the studio itself. WB has been struggling with its finances for some time. With the success rate Dwayne Johnson has, the studio not only plans to bring its superhero universe back n track but its finances as well.

Until now, WB has not disclosed any of the news about Henry Cavill’s cameo in The Black Adam. The studio and the cast of the film are busy promoting the film. With the claims made by Johnson, it would be exciting to see if the movie stands up to the standards set by him or not.

The Black Adam will release on October 21, 2022.


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