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Dwayne Johnson Claims He Helped Zachary Levi Get His Shazam Solo Movie By Fighting With DC To Make Separate Black Adam Film

the rock pressured dc to make shazam and black adam two different movies

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, has been quite passionate when it comes to the upcoming DCEU endeavor, Black Adam. Whether it is to build hype or express the amount of hard work he has put into this project, the actor will make sure that his love for the film and the character is known to all. Recently, through a tweet, the former pro-wrestler reaffirmed what he originally pointed out in a Vanity Fair interview; how he was the one who “fought for” and suggested separate solo films for the characters of Shazam and Black Adam.

Shazam! (2018)
The David F. Sandberg-directed Shazam! (2019)

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According to his claims, Dwayne Johnson wanted to protect the integrity of both the characters, allowing both of them to enjoy their separate limelight before the two characters and their world, as destined, clash.

Dwayne Johnson Opposed A Shared Origin Film

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam

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When Warner Bros. started mapping out and ideating the Shazam! movie in 2014, the former wrestler agreed to co-star as Black Adam. In his recent Vanity Fair interview, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson claimed how in the original draft for Shazam!, the two characters were supposed to share their origin stories in a single movie. But according to the Hobbs & Shaw actor, he knew in his gut that such a decision would not be wise for either of the characters, especially Black Adam, the role he had signed up for. “We would be doing Black Adam an incredible disservice,” claimed Johnson.

Black Adam
Black Adam (2022)

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The actor had advocated for two separate films, following this. He made calls and put forward his opinions. Johnson further commented that he believed the filmmakers had to give Shazam! a specific tone and provide a stand-alone distinction for Black Adam, as well. Keeping his role out of the 2019 film’s equation was a decision he wholeheartedly asserted. Good for the actor, as it seemed to have worked out pretty well. Zachary Levi enjoyed his 2019 solo endeavor and is ready for the upcoming Shazam! sequel, while Johnson can now do the same with Black Adam. 

Dwayne Johnson’s Recent Tweet Reaffirms His Beliefs

The destined clash between Shazam! and Black Adam
The destined clash between Shazam! and Black Adam

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In his recent tweet, Johnson merely reaffirmed what he originally stated in the Vanity Fair interview. He said that the claims he made are “100% true.” The actor stated that he fought hard not only for the two characters to enjoy a stand-alone film but also for the characters of the Justice Society of America. He did so to appease the fans and their enjoyment. He also said the following in his tweet:

“[I fought to] protect Black Adam’s ruthless & extremely violent tone as we build out #DCEU.”

Dwayne Johnson harbors a true passion for his DCEU project. Many fans, too, have agreed that this decision was a wiser choice. Allowing for the two characters to first grow on their terms in the solo films permits a well-fleshed-out story arc before the two eventually clash in the future. While some fans have expressed that their anticipation is simply off the roof, waiting out before allowing Black Adam and Billy Batson’s worlds to collide would be a better payoff.

Black Adam vs Shazam in the comics
Black Adam vs Shazam in the comics

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It is yet to be seen how exactly the two characters cross paths. When they would, which is how it has been planned, it’d be quite the experience to have as a DC fan. For the time being, the enthusiastic audience must make peace with the two upcoming solo films.

While Black Adam, featuring Dwayne Johnson in the titular role, is slated for a 21 October 2022 release, Shazam! Fury of the Gods will follow it up with a 21 December 2022 release.

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