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‘Dwayne Johnson committed financial fraud’: Fans Accuse The Rock of Unfairly Using Henry Cavill’s Superman Cameo To Manipulate $32B Superhero Movie Industry

dwayne johnson henry cavill superman cameo black adam

It was a common conception in the audience that if Dwayne Johnson became part of any major Hollywood project, then you better believe that the movie will be a blockbuster success and nothing less. With the track record of making consistent hits in a row in the past couple of years, nobody dared to question this ability of the People’s Champion.

Black Adam FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

But just like his ability to surprise the audience in the ring as The Rock, the box office performance of his DC debut film Black Adam managed to do the same. Although, we don’t think they intended it in this particular manner. With the movie tanking hard in the sales department, and Johnson’s shady tactics to keep his pristine image intact, many fans believe that the Superman cameo was just another one of his failed attempts to get the fans to watch the movie.

Dwayne Johnson Duped The Audience With Flimsy Superman Cameo

Henry Cavill’s contract covered his Superman role in Black Adam
Henry Cavill was a pawn in Dwayne Johnson’s plan for Black Adam

As the results of the box office of Black Adam lie bare for the fans to see, Dwayne Johnson is trying everything in his muscle power to save face as much as possible. But it seems like this is having an adverse effect as many fans are now digging deeper into the issue and coming up with some legit speculations that seem more true with every report about the matter that comes out as time goes on.

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As many fans might point out, even before the film was released, The Rock was on a spree of making sure that the audiences get the “Hints” of Henry Cavill returning as Superman in Black Adam. But after noticing the performance of the movie in theatres, he seems to have lost the enthusiasm to parade Superman’s return that he had taken credit for earlier. And even after WB’s decision to kick out Cavill as Superman was taken, Johnson doesn’t seem to care less, which has led many to believe that the People’s Champion used Superman as bait to trick the superhero fandom into making hype for Black Adam.

With this becoming more and more apparent as Johnson’s actions are starting to have a domino effect, fans are taking to Twitter to either support him or bash him for what he has done to the DCU as the anti-hero.

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Where Is The DCU Headed?

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Justice League

At the moment, just like most people out there, we have no information regarding what James Gunn is cooking up in his mind. He has given us certain hints like how his vision of Superman starts off with a younger version of the Man Of Steel and how that movie will be the basis of the genesis of the new DCU. Apart from that, all we know are the films and franchises that he has either canceled or kept intact for the DCU renovation. All we can do now is hope that his vision turns out as splendid as he wants it to.

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