‘We always got to listen to the audience’: Dwayne Johnson on Hosting The Next Oscar After the Infamous Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Moment

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Dwayne Johnson was seen on Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con, making a legendary and “electrifying” entrance at Hall H to promote his upcoming DC endeavor, Black Adam. After the panel was over, the actor talked about his upcoming project, the process of working in Black Adam, the Tortilla Challenge with Kevin Hart, and of course, what he thinks about hosting this year’s Oscars — considering the actor has previously turned down hosting the Emmys and the Oscars due to busy scheduling.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson On Hosting This Year’s Oscars

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

In an interview with extratv, interviewer Katie Krause asked the former professional wrestler about potentially hosting this year’s Academy Awards as the Black Adam actor is quite credible, and would actually do a great job. To this, the actor expressed his gratitude for her kind questions. He also elaborated furthermore and said that he was “honored” to have been asked to host the Emmys and the Oscars prior, but he could not commit to it due to scheduled professional obligations. He simply could not find the time to.


The actor had the following to say about whether or not he would host this year’s Oscars:

“If I ever do host the Oscars, though, maybe some time down the line, I would love to make it a great show, disrupt it a little bit and have fun.”

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the Rock reveals insane reason for not using muscle pads for his Black Adam Suit
The actor would love to host the Oscars

The Rock, however, also said that everything is about satisfying the audience. “We always got to listen to the audience,” said the actor, to emphasize how it’s the audience who dictates how things should go or be done.


To add a layer of humor to his response, the former wrestler commented that he does not mean “the audience in the room” — a subtle nod at the infamous Will Smith moment that occurred earlier this year at the 94th Academy Awards where he, getting up from sitting in the audience, slapped Chris Rock, due to which the Men in Black actor has been debarred from attending the event for the next 10 years.

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The Rock emphasized that it’s the audience at home who matters, and should be listened to.


Dwayne Johnson On His Upcoming Project, Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero powers
Dwayne Johnson’s passion project, Black Adam

The Jumanji actor, in the same interview, highlighted his love for the upcoming DC release, Black Adam. The actor spoke about how it has been challenging to work towards his passion project, spanning over a decade, and how he wants to reveal it to the fans already, especially after the reception he received at Hall H on Saturday.

“At times, it felt like pushing a rock — no pun intended — up the hill. It was challenging, but we got to a great place.”

The Rock articulated how important the role truly was to him, and how blessed he felt at DC’s approval to move ahead with this project. In his own words, the actor feels like he “was definitely born to play Black Adam.”

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Black Adam will release in your nearest theatres on 21 October 2022.

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