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“That’s between me and a few of the loved ones”: Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson Chokes up While Answering When He Felt the Most Abandoned

Black Adam

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson is known for his charming, outgoing, ambitious, and dedicated personality. He’s known to make things happen. From his WWE stardom to his Hollywood sensationalism, the Jumanji alum has created a strong identity for himself in the entertainment industry. When you see The Rock, you envision exuberant energy, relentless drive, and limitless power.

Black Adam Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

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However, back in 2021, the actor allowed us to have a glimpse at a more intimate, personal, and sensitive side of him through a unique interview. Needless to say, with the choice of questions asked, the renowned celebrity found himself getting emotional, seemingly appearing choked up. He also provided various insights and thoughts that could help inspire his fans and the general audience alike.

Dwayne Johnson On How To Deal With A Difficult Past

Dwayne Johnson
The Rock at Black Adam premiere

In a 2021 Vanity Fair video, the former pro-wrestler was asked increasingly personal questions. The undisturbed setting gave way to a reposeful, tranquil, and serene mood, allowing Dwayne Johnson to put forth the sensitive facets of his life, his opinions, and his thinking process. Starting on a light note, one of the first questions that the Red Notice actor got asked was, “What are you obsessed with right now?”

To this, the DCEU star mused that he is fascinated with “building things” with his hands. He elaborated that he is mostly involved in building brands and businesses. Additionally, he affirmed that he’s also obsessed with being a good father to his three daughters.

Dwayne Johnson wants to be a good father
Dwayne Johnson wants to be a good father

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Another question that reaped an intriguing and motivating response from the Jungle Cruise alum was, “What piece of advice would you give to someone who’s reckoning with a difficult past?” 

To this, Johnson responded, “It’s exactly that. It is the past.” He emphasized that almost all humans have had a past plagued with demons that keep coming back to haunt them. The WWE legend advised that one should acknowledge the opportunity that has been extended to them in the present. No matter what challenges come people’s way, they must realize that they have control over the “right now.” They can influence and direct it in whichever way seem suitable.

Furthermore, the Black Adam lead explained that we cannot run away from our past. No matter how embarrassing or daunting it may be, it cannot be erased nor can we hide from it. Instead, we can take it as a learning experience and help influence not just our lives, but others as well.

A Point Where Dwayne Johnson Felt Abandoned

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gets emotional

The title of the video stuck true to its promise. The questions did get increasingly personal, bit by bit. Dwayne Johnson was asked, “When in your life did you feel most abandoned?” This particular query seems to have stumped the actor. He pondered about it for a moment and then said, “That’s a tough one to answer.” He then concluded by saying that it’s something he would prefer to keep between himself and his close, dear ones.

Here’s the full quote:

“That’s a tough one to answer. That’s a real tough one to answer, about, uh, abandonment. I think that’s between me and a few of the other loved ones.”

The Jumanji star had choked up a little. It was obvious that the question had a considerable impact on him.

Dwayne Johnson has been a famous WWE wrestler for some time.
How Dwayne Johnson wants to be remembered

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One of the other questions that seemed quite emotionally stirring was when The Rock was asked what would be the one thing he would want people to remember him for. The following was his answer:

“If people could remember one thing about me, it would be… Whatever I loved, and whoever I loved, I loved with a great, fiery passion. And, um, if people could remember something else about me, it would be that I took care of things that needed to be taken care of.”

He further emphasized that he took matters into his own hands to ensure that the things that required to be paid attention to or required immediate care, were taken care of. There’s no doubt that the actor has completely and utterly devoted himself to some of the most ambitious endeavors to account for, including Black Adam. 

Black Adam FandomWire
Johnson in Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson’s attitude of operating based on taking care of matters can be best substantiated by how he made the Henry Cavill-Superman cameo a possibility. Fans have been overwhelmed with profound gratitude towards Johnson. There’s no doubt that the actor, with his grounded, ambitious, and passionate demeanor, keeps making history.

There’s truly no stopping The Rock.

Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson in the titular role, will release worldwide on October 21, 2022.

Source: Vanity Fair

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