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Dwayne Johnson Hints Henry Cavill’s Superman Appears in the ‘Third Act’ of Black Adam

HENery cavill in black adam

Dwayne Johnson starring Black Adam is due this month, and with the release date closing in, a new detail is revealed about the movie every day. Recently reports revealed that Dwayne Johnson was the only one who insisted on having Henry Cavill as Superman in the film. Rumors about Henry Cavill’s return as Superman also started with his appearance in the movie. Cavill is also expected to continue to play Superman as he is expected to have a cameo in the upcoming DC Film, The Flash. 

Henry Cavill cameo in Black Adam
Superman is expected to have a cameo in Black Adam

Recently Dwayne Johnson has given the latest hint at Henry Cavill’s appearance in the movie. He gave a hint on how Superman would fit into the movie and would most likely appear in the third act of the film. 

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Black Adam is the Most Powerful Force on This Planet

With a new video on Instagram, the Jumanji star may have confirmed Henry Cavill’s appearance in the movie. While talking about the theme song of the film in his new video, Johnson said that he watched the film once again last night. 

Dwayne Johnson later said he can’t wait for everyone to see the movie. The actor further added, he is the most powerful, and then he mentions, “there’s the third act,” and finishes it by saying he is the most powerful and unstoppable force on the planet.

Man of Steel
Henry Cavill as Superman

Dwayne Johnson said, “He is the most powerful……There’s the third act. He is the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. On this planet.” 

While saying this, Johnson emphasizes “On this planet,” especially. It clearly hints towards Superman, who is from Krypton and not from Earth. 

In his statement, he also mentions the third act. This mention can hint that Superman would appear in the third or final act of the film. The third act remark may have confirmed that Henry Cavill may not have a lot of screen time and would be a cameo, probably in the end credit scene of the movie.

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Black Adam is an Anti-Hero, Not a Villain in the Movie

Ever since its announcement, Black Adam is described as an anti-hero, instead of an antagonist or a villain. The whole reason behind having a solo movie for the character was to portray him as an anti-hero. If the character had first appeared in the 2019 Shazam!, he would have been portrayed as a villain. 

The central adversary to Black AdamSabbac is expected to be the major villain in Black Adam

Later, with the release of the toy line, Sabbac was revealed as the major villain of the movie. In comics, Sabbac is an enemy of Captain Marvel, aka Shazam. He can access his demonic superpowers of hell by saying his name, which gives him the strength of satan. 

In comics, two people used his name, Timothy Karnes and Ishmael Gregor. However, in the movie, Ishmael Gregor is expected to take on Sabbac. 

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Black Adam Third Act Revealed

With the release of the toy line, the third act of the movie might have been revealed. The data file of toy Sabbac revealed his name to be Ishmael Gregor. It further says, “Possessed by a demon, a military intergang leader transforms into Sabbac, the only being whose powers are equal to those of Black Adam.”

The description further explains that he is determined to take over Kahndaq and maybe the whole world, and he must be stopped. It also says that Black Adam may need the help of some unlikely allies to defeat him. 

Black Adam's cinematography promises a callback to the SnyderVerse era
Black Adam

With the trailer, it can be assumed that these unlikely allies would be the Justice Society America. It may fit to establish him as an anti-hero, instead of a villain. The final act of the movie can be followed by a credit scene with Black Adam and Superman. 

According to fan theories, Black Adam will come face-to-face with Superman after he is released to the world. Whether Henry Cavill has a cameo in the upcoming movie or not will be revealed soon, and fans are excited to see him as Superman once again. 

Black Adam is set to release on October 21, 2022. 

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Written by Laxmi Rajput

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