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Dwayne Johnson Left Navy Veteran in Tears, Gifted Him $300K Custom Ford F-150 Raptor For Taking Care of Domestic Violence Victims: “Thank you for your service”


Dwayne Johnson is always known to be extremely respectful and humble to his fans. There aren’t many celebrities who realize the importance of fans in their career. But the former WWE wrestler is quite kind and thoughtful about the audiences who have a significant contribution to making his name. Once the Rampage star even gifted his custom truck to a fan.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

All of it happened when The Rock invited selected guests for the screening of the Netflix movie, Red Notice starring him along with Ryan Reynolds. The story of a fellow fan Oscar Rodriguez moved him so much that he gifted one of his best possessions to him.

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Dwayne Johnson left a fan crying in joy

The Rock’s respect towards his fans could be understood by the fact that he always tries to fulfill all their wishes. It was even prominent when he went against all odds to bring Henry Cavill’s Superman back in his Black Adam. While the move was very controversial and even the ultimate outcome was nil due to several changes in the production house, the fans were extremely overjoyed.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is widely known for his love for his fans

But Dwayne Johnson took his love to a next level when he gifted his custom Ford truck to a special fan. It was during the premiere of Red Notice, the 50-year-old star invited some exclusive fans. Among them, he picked up Navy Veteran, Oscar Rodriguez due to his motivating life story and decided to gift him more than anybody else.


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Oscar Rodriguez was not only a Navy Veteran but also a trainer as well as a good family man. His story of closeness with his old mother moved the Jumanji fame very much. Dwayne Johnson even addressed the massive respect he has for Rodriguez as he also takes care of women who are victims of domestic violence. Along with the truck, he gave a note saying:

“Thank you for your service brother. Enjoy your new truck”

As expected, the fan found himself in an extreme state of joy. He couldn’t believe that he just got a gift from The Rock. He cried in joy. Although the actor wanted to gift him the car he used in The Red Notice, some technical difficulties led him to gift his personal $300K truck to the fan.

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Why do the fans love Dwayne Johnson?

Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming movie "Red One".
Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming movie “Red One”

Dwayne Johnson is an actor who comes with an enormous fan base. He has also worked in some of the most notable franchises. The actor also boasts of a wide fan base who appreciate the actor’s works. It can’t be denied that The Rock’s personality also stands as a large reason why a large section of the audience adores him so much.

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The actor is also seen to have a very down-to-earth attitude with his fans and friends and has also donated to reputable charities on repeated occasions. From donating to disaster funds to repeated associations with Make-A-Smile Foundation, his activism shows that the San Andreas actor cares for the people around him.

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Presently, Dwayne Johnson is working on a big Amazon Prime project titled Red One where he will be sharing the screen with Chris Evans, Lucy Liu, and several others. The movie is slated to release sometime during the holiday season this year on the streaming platform.

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