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‘Black Adam has been buried’: Dwayne Johnson Movie Allegedly Being Turned into an Elseworlds Arc, Effectively Allowing James Gunn To Ignore Future Sequels

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Dwayne Johnson had big plans for his DC debut as Black Adam. He did everything possible to make his DC debut a success and even fought the studio to bring Henry Cavill back as Superman. However, all his efforts backfired as he was blamed for rushing Cavill’s return. Soon after the Man of Steel star released his statement saying that he would not continue to play Superman, Johnson also released a statement.

Black Adam FandomWire
Black Adam

In his statement, he said that James Gunn is not planning to include the anti-hero in the initial phase of the new DCU. This was something neither the fans nor The Rock expected. However, with James Gunn moving forward with his new plan, the Red Notice star may still have opportunities to portray the anti-hero.

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Dwayne Johnson Could Continue to Portray Black Adam

Although Dwayne Johnson’s DC debut did not go as planned, fans still liked him as Black Adam. Followed by the film, fans were also looking forward to a faceoff between Superman and Teth Adam in the future. The post-credit scene of the 2022 film shows Henry Cavill’s Superman challenging the anti-hero as he claims that no one on Earth can defeat him.

Black Adam sets up a Hawkman spin-off
Black Adam

However, after Cavill’s departure from DCU, things also seem uncertain for Dwayne Johnson in DC. And this week the Baywatch star confirmed that he would not reprise his DC role anytime soon.

He said, “James Gunn and I connected. And Black Adam will not be in their first chapter of storytelling.” He also mentioned that DC and Seven Bucks have agreed on exploring ways to utilize the character in the future.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

James Gunn also shared that he is looking forward to working with Johnson and Seven Bucks Productions. This could hint that the studio might not have plans to cancel Black Adam.

The Jungle Cruise star could continue to play the character outside James Gunn’s new DCU. And as the filmmaker recently shared an update about the potential Elsewords movies, he may still have plans for The Rock’s Black Adam.

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James Gunn Hints at Elseworlds Movies

James Gunn and Peter Safran are planning to introduce the new DCU plan in the upcoming weeks. Earlier this week, one fan asked James Gunn if he is open to producing any Elseworlds DC projects that are not set in DCU. Answering the question he said, “That is actively happening.”

The Batman (2022) and Joker (2019)
The Batman (2022) and Joker (2019)

The former DC head also had plans for Elseworlds movies, which he shared in August 2020. Hamada shared that if the studio received a great story they would certainly move ahead with it.

There are still projects going ahead outside the new DCU. Although the Suicide Squad director has canceled some films, there are still a number of DC projects under production that do not fall under the core continuity.

Black Adam FandomWire
Black Adam

Todd Phillips’ Joker franchise and Matt Reeves’ The Batman are some of the films that exist outside DCU. The sequel of the 2019 film is being developed and is set to release in 2024. Matt Reeves’ The Batman is also reportedly getting a sequel.

Considering this, the studio may also continue Black Adam as an Elseworlds project. However, the studio has not confirmed anything yet. But considering that the DC and Dwayne Johnson are still planning to utilize the Black Adam in the future, this could be a possibility.

Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max.

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Source: Variety

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