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Dwayne Johnson Nearly Replaced Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s $475M Movie as Black Adam Star Reportedly Eyes Iconic Pirates of the Caribbean Role

dwayne johhnson and johnny depp as willy wonka

Many actors/actresses turn down several roles in their professional acting careers for various reasons. Dwayne Johnson entered newly to Hollywood in the year 2001 with a film named The Mummy Returns. He played the character The Scorpion King and it was his first lead role. Even before coming to Hollywood, Johnson who goes by the name The Rock in the Ring has a well-established Wrestling career. 

As the years passed, his demand in Hollywood increased in terms of acting. He has been a part of a couple of big franchises and has given several Hollywood hits. But there were also some roles that he got rejected for and some which he turned down willingly.

Dwayne Johnson Was Tim Burton’s Second Choice For Playing Willy Wonka

Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka
Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

Tim Burton’s filmmaking style has always won fans’ hearts. He is considered one of the most popular directors in the industry and is known for his gothic and dark style of moviemaking. Over the years, he has directed several impressive films like Sleepy Hollow, Big Fish, Dark Shadows, The Addams Family, Batman, and others. In 2005, the director came out with a film named Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The lead role of Willy Wonka in the film was played by the famous actor Johnny Depp.

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

The film was well received by the audience and they even thought it outdid the 1971 original film which was helmed by Mel Stuart. Dwayne Johnson is an active user of Instagram and he likes posting updates that aren’t known to the fans. In one of his posts, he mentioned that he was considered by Tim Burton to play the role of Willy Wonka. But as he was in his initial acting years the role went to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

“Tim Burton had considered me to play Willy Wonka is his remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I remember thinking ‘Holy shit, I’m in!’ But that was many years ago when I was just starting out in Hollywood with no foundation of global box office strength or any real acting experience to even pull it off. The role, of course went to Johnny Depp, who at that time was the biggest star in the world.”

Well after hearing about this news, fans have already reimagined The Rock as Willy Wonka. Back then Dwayne Johnson was also rumored to replace Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Due to his lost reputation and the legal battle of Depp with Amber Heard, he was removed silently from the famous franchise. Further, there were no reports about The Rock being approached for the role.

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Dwayne Johnson Turned Down Cameo In DC’s Famous Film

Black Adam
Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson made his debut in DC by playing the role of Black Adam. As Warner Bros is up to giving some blockbusters to its fans. The Flash is one of the anticipated movies amongst the fans which went through a lot of controversies back then because of Ezra Miller. Now as everything is settled, it will be released on June 16th, 2023.

Ben Affleck as Batman is getting his cameo in the upcoming Flash movie. According to the Wraps reports, it was known that the Jungle Cruise actor was too offered a cameo in the Ezra Miller-led movie. But Hiram Garcia, president of Johnson’s production company “politely declined” the offer.

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Source: Digital Spy

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